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Nov 20, 2022
Graduate / Embedded Systems. Statement of Purpose for EMECS Erusmus Mundus Scholarship Program [2]

Statement of Purpose

In my first semester of undergraduate study, after being accepted to one of Bangladesh's top universities, I built an automatic light controller using an LDR sensor and an Arduino, which solidified my background and sparked a keen interest in embedded systems. Throughout my undergraduate program, in addition to honing my skills and broadening my knowledge in hardware and firmware design, I dedicated myself to gaining significant hands-on experience by developing various hardware projects. Additionally, I want to be technically proficient at developing new hardware and system software (Real-time operating system (RTOS)), including security requirements for new and evolving architectures of Embedded Intelligence, so I decided to pursue my Master's in Embedded Systems Engineering and work in the leading companies as an Embedded Systems Engineer.

In addition to my academic study, I was engaged in extracurricular activities. After my first semester, I joined the Robotics Society of RUET (RSR), a collaborative platform for students to learn robotics, electronics, programming, and other related topics. After gaining a firm grasp of hardware design and programming, I participated in national and international competitions such as project showcasing, line follower robots, and Mars Rover. I led the software and communication team for Team Ogrodoot, the first mars rover team from my university, and we placed sixth in the Indian Rover Challenge in 2018. I had been working with my teammates to get the various sensor data with Lora communication protocol and using RF communication for video feedback between the base station and the rover within a 500-meter range. I also worked on IoT-based projects to solve real-world problems, such as IoT-based rooftop gardening for urban areas in Bangladesh, IoT-based smart manufacturing, etc. In another remarkable project, under the direction of the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Rajshahi, we developed a digital circuit training device for school students that includes logic gates and some digital input and output. In my academic thesis project, I designed a new miniature wind turbine (pinwheel) and power management system for electric vehicles using Arduino and a DC Boost Converter.

I worked as an intern at MCC Ltd. for three months after graduating. During that time, I developed an IoT-based Smart Switchboard using the relay to control household appliances, NodeMCU with Arduino, HTML, CSS, and PHP to synchronize with the server provided by MCC Ltd. On 1st December 2019, I joined Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC., Bangladesh's leading electronics consumer manufacturing company. I have been working here for the last three years as the Manager at the Performance & Reliability test laboratory of Compressor R&I. I am responsible for conducting the standard tests for the hermetic compressor and managing the laboratory according to ISO-17025. Besides these responsibilities, the instruction was to make customized testing facilities and maintenance of testing equipment, so I developed a portable data logger, automated a manual reliability testing facility also performed overhauling operations of a reliability test machine. I have gathered many professional skills related to embedded systems, such as working with LabVIEW to program the Keysight DAQ34980A for data acquisition and using python for data analysis with NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. Walton is proliferating, so it arranges many competitions among the employees for ideas to reduce costs or further development, such as Champion of Innovations (CI)-2021. I stood first in the competition by providing a cost-effective solution regarding process development using Artificial Intelligence and IIoT. The department of Compressor R&I, in collaboration with ACC, Mel, Italy, arranged a hands-on training on the performance and reliability analysis of hermetic compressors, and they selected me for the activity.

After going through the curriculum of EMECS, I found that the core program will cover basic principles of embedded system design and architecture. Following that, the elective program will give students a sophisticated and state-of-the-art understanding of embedded systems design, security, and intelligence. In addition, the research project will reinforce and advance the knowledge I need to seek a job as an embedded system engineer. In EMECS's student mobility choices, I chose TECHNISCHE UNIVERSIT√ĄT KAISERSLAUTERN (TUK) and UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON (SoU) since these two Universities have research centers that are constantly devoted to the development of embedded software systems and hardware, two topics that fascinate me. SoU is a highly regarded university specializing in system-on-chip (SoC) design and offers real-world expertise in electronics systems. The well-equipped and up-to-date laboratory will be very helpful for a hands-on approach to learning. The local language (English) will also positively influence my first-year study. The TUK places a significant emphasis on research and application-based programs. Top research institutions (IESE, MPI SWS, DFKI) will offer state-of-the-art facilities for research in software engineering, artificial intelligence, and industrial mathematics.

I firmly believe that participation in the EMECS Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program will strengthen my knowledge of Embedded Systems, including a rich international experience that will serve as a door-opener for future career possibilities and an eye-opener for personal growth. For EMECS, I am the best candidate as my education and work experience will meet the rigorous standards set for graduate students. Therefore, I pen down my Letter of Motivation with reverence to the selection committee and the scholarship program.