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Dec 17, 2009
Undergraduate / " I wanted my own disposable income" - Tutoring & cognitive science (ACTIVITY) [6]

Please elaborate on one of your activities (150 words or fewer)

At some point during high school, I decided that I wanted my own disposable income. I achieved this with a part time job at a locksmith's office. Despite the easy work and flexible hours, I became bored of entering data and recording bank transactions. At the beginning of the 2009 school year, I received an offer to tutor a student in math. The pay was better, and I only had to work for an hour at a time. Over the previous summer, I had become interested in cognition. I soon realized that tutoring was more than just a convenient job; it was an application of the concepts about which I had been reading. I was able to utilize my knowledge of learning and memory to teach more effectively. Conversely, I was intrigued by the mental processes I was invoking in my student; this prompted further study on my part. Tutoring ended up being as much of a learning experience on my part as on my students'.