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Jan 23, 2024
Letters / Motivation Letter for Master's Degree in IT project Management in Sweden [2]

Hello everyone, I am applying for my 1st Master's and I need your kind insights on the below motivation letter! Thank you in advance!

Dear Admissions Committee,

As an accomplished professional with a diverse background in finance and IT, I express my interest in the Master's in IT Project Management in the University of Stockholm-a program I believe to be the next crucial step in my professional evolution.

Having graduated from the International Hellenic University with a degree in Economic Sciences, I consciously deviated from the conventional path of immediate postgraduate studies. Instead, I stepped into the fields of finance, supply chain, and information technology.

Relocating to Budapest post-graduation, I began my career journey. Throughout this new era, I have undergone significant transformations, beginning with my tenure at Tata Consulting Company (TCS), where I worked as a Financial Analyst. Subsequently, at General Electric Healthcare (GEHC), I took on the role of an R2R senior accountant, pioneering innovative approaches, such as implementing Alteryx, a big data analytics tool, and receiving global recognition for my contributions.

Shifting to Sanofi Pharma, I assumed a versatile role as the project manager for the Center of Excellence (CoE), specializing in our ERP administrator and owner for IFRS16 (Nakisa), and an A2R KPI Integration Specialist on a global level. This role has uniquely positioned me as a connective link between finance and IT, overseeing substantial databases, ensuring data reliability, and facilitating the S/4HANA transition.

Exploring the curriculum of the IT Project Management program, I am particularly excited about diving into strategic topics and leadership courses. As Padmasree Warrior said, "The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have." I am eager to enhance my skill set and contribute actively to the dynamic field of IT project management.

My ability for effective communication, high emotional intelligence, and empathy has been integral to my success. Recognizing adaptability as a key attribute, I have consistently embraced new challenges, and understood that growth and comfort do not coexist.

In closing, I am not only seeking personal and professional development through this program, but I am also ardently aspiring to ascend to the role of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO). By doing so, I am willing to become a role model for future female leaders in the Computer Systems Science field. I am confident that my unique background, bridging the corporate and IT realms along with my ability to work flexibly and autonomously, align seamlessly with the essence of this Program, making me a valuable addition to your esteemed institution.

I am grateful for considering my application and I look forward to a favorable reply.
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