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Dec 26, 2009
Undergraduate / Common Application: A Historical Figure, Richard Feynman [4]

as far as i know, 600 words commonapp essay is OK.

her sodium level still slightly above high--maybe you mean slightly above the limit?

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Dec 26, 2009
Undergraduate / Reed Supplementary - Why Reed Essay [3]

Pls give me some advice, thanks in advance!

Why Reed essay:

How did you first become interested in Reed, and why do you think Reed would be an appropriate place, both academically and socially, to continue your education?

This essay is instrumental in helping the admission committee determine the match between you and Reed, so please be thorough.

Why Reed? For me, the answer starts with the word 'why?' itself. From a young age, I am always seeking answers to the whys and the hows of the things I have observed, and I became drawn to science for it provides a logical framework to satisfy my curiosity. Hence, in Indonesia, I actively represented my school in all sorts of mathematics and science competitions. During my high school days in Singapore, I began reading from various disciplines. I realized that the two, supposedly distinct disciplines are linked intricately, be it Physics and Politics or Chemistry and Sociology.

My interest in studying how scientific developments and socio-cultural conditions affect each other is enforced also by real problems facing my community now. Power shortage has long been a problem in the island of Java with frequent blackouts everywhere. Based on scientific considerations, the government decided to build Indonesia's first nuclear power plant (PLTN) in Jepara, 70 km from my hometown, Semarang. However, the project is still in a stalemate after more than 15 years due to vocal opposition from activist groups who rallied with less relevant but captivating photos of Chernobyl and the mushroom cloud of the A-bomb, as compared to the dull and uninteresting graphs of the scientists. My activism here has led me to believe that science is dead without eloquence, persuasion, and cultural understanding. I became convinced that learning to have a holistic understanding is not just an option, and I have enjoyed this process ever since then.

Reading about Reed in its website and prospectus, I felt that Reed as a community of ideas, where everyone's intellectual journey is both random and rational just like mine, in a sense that both students and faculties are not afraid of putting forward ideas which are plausible and sound, but also unexpected sometimes. I was once told by a Chemistry teacher that my thought was too bizarre, because I proposed how the concepts of chemical equilibrium can be applied to social phenomena. Yes, it was unusual, but I believe that I should at least be given the chance to justify my opinion. For me, Reed is the place where different viewpoints are critiqued and defended. It has a reputation for being intellectually rich, and I feel it is a place where my holistic understanding of the world from many aspects could be nurtured further.

After seeing the range of programs and facilities available to students (not just professors), I became more convinced that Reed would never limit my academic potential. Its unique distinction for being the only Liberal Arts College with a nuclear reactor just shows how big Reed's commitment is. Innovative programs such as International and Comparative Policy Studies (ICPS) further demonstrate Reed's desire to stimulate its students intellectually.

Reed does not have a formal varsity team, but strangely enough sport is one of Reed's drawing points for me. The availability of sport programs to almost everyone at Reed allows it to be a social platform for everyone, including me. I cherish the friendship I have forged from playing soccer, badminton, and floorball, at intra-school level, and I hope I can channel my sporting passion at Reed too, possibly even picking up a new sport along the way.

All this while, I have dreamt to be a part of a diverse and collaborative learning community where learning becomes an enjoyment and strong desire to pursue and create knowledge are the norms. Hence, the answer is: Yes, I want to be one of the Reedies!

First post here, so thanks a lot to everyone!