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Apr 8, 2010
Graduate / 'Network Security' - Statement of Purpose for MS admission in USA (Computer science) [2]

Statement of Purpose

My family has large number of medical doctors. Despite much influences and pressure from my family to take up Biology as a major subject, I opted for computers for my entry into high school, being fascinated for computer games, quick calculations and world processing since my early childhood. I have always considered computers as a source of leisure and learning, but during high school I got acquainted with the factual potentials of computers which propelled my interest to pursue a serious career in computer science. During high school, I gained good knowledge of C++ programming language and Data Structures.

During my four years of undergraduate study in Computer Engineering at Jamia Millia Islamia University, I have been able to utilize my analytical and problem-solving skills to develop many applications such as Linux-based network chat application, file system implementation on Linux, 64bit DES (Data Encryption standard) algorithm, etc. Consequently, I have acquired an excellent knowledge of programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, and scripting languages such as Shell and Perl. I have also found penchant for Network Security, Data Structures, Operating System, and programming languages.

During the 7th semester of my undergraduate term, I carried out a minor project, 'BALL MANIA', a Linux-based 3D multiplayer network-based game, using Linux API's such as Sockets, Threads, OpenGL, and incorporated artificial intelligence as well. In the 8th semester, I did my major project, 'JANUS', a mobile application suite developed using J2ME and Java Wireless Toolkit. This application included File Sharing and Chatting utility and it made transmission using Bluetooth. The chief idea behind the development of 'JANUS' was the File sharing utility, where the concept of Shared Documents of computers within network, has been introduced into mobile phones having Bluetooth feature. These projects have strengthened my practical knowledge in, JAVA, Linux environment, Graphics, Networking and object-oriented programming. These projects have been commended by my colleagues and faculty members of Computer Engineering department.

One of my most cherished subjects is Network Security, which I was acquainted during my undergraduate study with its different aspects, such as Digital Signatures, Cryptography and protocols concerning internet security. I have also done programming language implementation of Cryptographic Algorithms, such as 64bit DES (Data Encryption Standard), Rivest, Shamir and Adleman (RSA), Diffie Hellman (Key exchange algorithm) and Hill Cipher, and hence attained deep interest and zeal for research in the field of Network security. The Department of Computer Science at xxxxx University has several research programs such as Information Assurance and Computer Security. These research programs are primarily focused on protecting the integrity of Information and its quality, as well as protecting the computers from attacks. I am eager to learn and participate in these research programs.

Not only have I excelled academically, but also tried to achieve interpersonal skills by participating in many extracurricular activities. I have been the active member of CSI (Computer Society of India) for four years, during my undergraduate term and have keenly participated in various events in Technical fest, 'ALGORYTHM' (Annual Technical College Fest, Jamia Millia Islamia University, organized by the CSI. I coordinated an event at 'ALGORYTHM', volunteered for the publicity drive of 'ALGORYTHM', played for the runners up team in Intra-Faculty Cricket Tournament'09, participated & won events of 'ALGORYTHM'.

After completing my undergraduate study, I joined Aricent Technologies, Gurgaon, India, as a Trainee Testing Engineer on 22 September 2009. Aricent has been a strategic supplier to the world's leading Equipment and Device Manufacturers as well as Communication Service Provider. After completing probation period of 6 month, on 22nd March 2010, I became an Engineer-Testing in Aricent. Currently I am involved in the project for one of the clients of Aricent, Nokia-Siemens-Networks (NSN). I am responsible for testing the functionality and behavior of Base Transceiver System (BTS) and check for the normality of messages exchanged between BTS and Base Station Controller (BSC) on Abis Interface. I have now acquired a strong understanding of Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication network and the inter-working of various entities in this system.

I have opted for MS program in Computer Science, since this shall provide me an opportunity to undertake studies in advanced areas of computer, which are hardly touched during undergraduate tenure. My immediate goal is to enhance and sharpen my practical implementation skills. The excellent projects going on at your research department in the field of Information Assurance and Computer Security along with eminent faculty make your school the ideal choice for my higher graduate learning. Hence, xxxxx University is inevitably an ideal choice for my graduate studies.

Manu Bhadoria