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Sep 8, 2008
Undergraduate / Hospitality management - Yet another FSU undergraduate admisssions essay [NEW]

Can you help me with mechanical and grammatical errors, please!

The guiding words to Florida State University, "Vires, Artes, Mores", is a part my life in every way. Strength, skill and character are all qualities that I've built since I was a young child. Vires, meaning strength, has given me the ability to fight for what I want to in life, and keep going even when life isn't how you wanted it to be. Artes, meaning skills, has something I've acquired from learning, not only education but also about myself and knowing where I see myself in the future. Mores, meaning character, was instilled in me through my parents, such as in having good manners and morals. These attributes that I possess help will hopefully guide me into becoming a FSU Seminole.

Even back in eighth grade I showed the skills to know what I would want to do with my life. Therefore, I applied to the Culinary Arts Academy at my high school and was accepted. As freshman year began I realized what a great experience this would give me into the field of my choice. Through this class I have been not only exposed to the different opportunities available in Hospitality Management but a chance to see them first hand. My exposure has been broadened awareness about working in the kitchen to now knowing that it could also entail working in hotels, catering, resorts, and much more. Now in my fourth year of this program I am very proud that I was able to demonstrate the commitment and have been given the confidence to pursue this career in higher education.

My family has definitely had a major influence on my life and on my decisions toward the culinary arts and hospitality management. Growing up in New England, but traveling the country and Europe, they have allowed me to experience various regional and ethnic influences in food. My parents have always instilled in me to try new things and for that I've built more character. Also, my father's wine business and his job has showed me the fine details of travel and hospitality. I am grateful for the exposure to the very things that lead me to pursue an education and career in them.

The excitement I feel to reach my goal of a career in hospitality management is growing stronger each day. The ability to work in a field that blends with my personality and varied interests presents a unique opportunity for me. The philosophy of "vires, artes, mores" is just the guiding words of being a FSU Seminole, but actually possessing the traits shows a true Seminole!