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Oct 7, 2011
Poetry / Poetry analysis of Wendy Copes poems. Lonely Hearts and From June to December [2]

Poetry Analysis

In Wendy Cope' poems "Lonely Hearts" and "From June to December," she involves the need and happiness of love. Both poems are used in the villanelle style. In both of these poems, it seems Cope uses the villanelle style of poetry when she wants to write about love or affection, which could mean Cope's villanelles symbolize love and happiness. Cope's villanelles

Villanelles are a bit difficult to write, which could symbolize the difficulty of finding someone to love or feel for, but also, once written villanelles makes the writer feel happy and accomplished being able to write such a difficult style of poetry. Villanelles are defined "as a verse form of French origin consisting of 19 lines arranged in five tercets and a quatrain. The first and third lines of the first tercet recur alternately at the end of each subsequent tercet and both together at the end of the quatrain" (dictionary). The definition itself is difficult to comprehend, just as it is to understand someone you are dating or wanting to date. Both poems

"Lonely Hearts" pretty much describes itself in the title. This poem describes a man looking for a woman to love because he has a lonely heart. The man shows the difficulty of finding someone to feel for or love by posting an ad for someone to reply to. This villanelle is compared to the beginning of writing a villanelle. Complicated to do, but a person wants to do it to feel the success in life for being able to such a thing.

In "Lonely Hearts" Cope writes "I'm Libran, inexperienced and blue, need slim, non-smoker, under twenty-one. Do you live in North London? Is it you?" She shows her readers that the man posting this ad is straightforward. He is tired of waiting for the right woman to just pop up out of nowhere. He wants someone now, possibly because he has been "lonely" for so long.

Other parts of the villanelle explain that the man is desperate. He will date a Jewish woman with a son or even a bisexual. He has no borders or limitations to who he wants to be with. This can symbolize that anyone who writes poems will eventually have the chance to write a villanelle and anyone who writes a villanelle is desperate to write a good one no matter what the subject is.

A blogger using the username BSanders on blogger.com writes that she believes that the (BSanders)poem "Lonely Hearts" is about "the wish and desire of every person to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with," but she also writes that she would not write an ad to find someone, but to actually go out to look for them. This is not entirely true. Of course for most people putting an ad or using a dating site doesn't seem like the best way, but people have truly found someone to love through those ways, not everyone, but some. People who put up those ads also know the risks of putting personal information to the public.

According to a short snippet of an analysis for "Lonely Hearts" found on Aca Demon, the writer of the essay informed his or her readers that "The poem is in villanelle form because it's the most effective form for expressing the theme of loneliness" Though there are many other ways to write a poem, villanelles do express more of a loneliness when written. All the repetitions can symbolize the fact that people will continue to ask until they have found whoever is they are looking for.

In Copes poem "From June to December," Cope talks about how happy a person is because of the affection given by someone else. She starts the first stanza showing her readers that this man or woman is just perfect at what he or she does with the significant other. "You know exactly what to do. Your kiss, your fingers on my thigh. I think of little else but you." (Cope)

**Im pretty bad at intext citations so comments are extremely wanted! :)
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