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Jan 3, 2012
Undergraduate / A question on texas' college topic *an issue of importance* (what to write about?) [3]

Hi,my name is crystal and I have a question on the Texas topic of "an issue of importance..."
I need help deciding what is it exactly i'm going to be writing about. The one issue that does play a big role of importance to me is that I find that our society and possibly our generation lacks passion and ambition. and by this I mean, our society has tainted our minds into believing that we have to go to college to be successful. so many individuals choose to go to school to become a doctor or a lawyer, not because they are aspired to those profession or particularly possess the passion. where are all the people who actually pursue what they have the passion for?

I just need help with my topic. I feel like I have so much to write about this but somehow I can't help but be vague. HELP!!

I need to know if my topic is valid for this college entrance essay
Jan 3, 2012
Undergraduate / 'Play-Doh to plato' - UChicago.. Play -Doh's prespective [8]

a few errors here.
"Yet, monsters have been around for much longer the movie," much longer the movie?
"Plato as allowed me to be consider art" plato HAS allowed me to be CONSIDERED as art.

I enjoyed reading this essay and overall I think it's a well written essay except the last paragraph was very vague. I'm not quite sure what point you were trying to come across and I thought you would over use words such as "monster" and "copy" too much.