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Jan 31, 2012
Writing Feedback / nuclear technology a danger to life on Earth? Benefits and risks? [3]

Task: To what extent is nuclear technology a danger to life on Earth? What are benefits and risks associated with its use?

The year 2011 consummated with the world population hitting seven billion. This landmark has instilled further pressure on escalating demand of fast depleting energy resources. Taking into consideration this scenario, it is agreed that nuclear technology with its various benefits serve as a saviour than as a danger to life on earth. By helping governments in undertaking various development projects and also acting as a means to overcome dreadful diseases, the useful aspects of nuclear technology prevail over the dangers associated with it.

The invention of nuclear technology came as a relief for the humanity in the advent of all time deficit exhaustible energy reserves. It is so that with the installation of nuclear power plants fuelled by nuclear technology, not only developing world but also the third world countries' governments undertook projects for their economic growth and development. For instance, nuclear power plants have provided electricity even to the remotest villages in India. This effort besides improving economy has also raised the standard of living of people living below the poverty line.

Furthermore, nuclear technology has imparted fulfilment to the gigantic need for the ever increasing human population. It has also made possible for the scientists to come out with breakthrough discoveries in the field of medicine thus helping overcome incurable diseases. An example of this would be detection of congenital disorders even before a child is born. This feat has come as a boon for the humanity.

As far as the risks associated with nuclear technology are concerned, time and again, it has been criticized for various ethical and environmental reasons. Genetically modified plants, human cloning and modification of genetic characteristics have been issues of great concerns for the society. Similarly, recent explosions of nuclear power plants due to earthquake in Japan have caused governments and people to raise a brow at their existence.

To conclude, it can be said that like every coin has two sides, so is the case with nuclear technology. It comes with its share of risks and benefits. As discussed above, it has benefitted the world in various ways and would continue to do so. However, it can also not be denied that in wrong hands, and at wrong times, that is, when hit by calamity, it can bring humanity to the verge of extinction.