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May 9, 2012
Letters / 'eager to' - Letter of recommendation of my former professor to apply to Scholarship [5]

Letter of recommendation of a professor to apply to Fulbright Colombia

Hi, I am a software developer (engineer) who wants to apply for a master's program in Education (Learning Design and Technology program) through a Fulbright scholarship.

I want to develop an E-learning web application in my country and want to get the knowledge needed to construct middle-educational oriented web applications in this program.

I asked a former professor to write my letter of recommendation and this is the letter he wrote. He is also a computer scientist and a professor.

Please take a look of this and tell me if you find a way to improve it.


To the Fulbright Commission

This letter of recommendation offers my complete support of Julian Gonzalez as he applies for a Fulbright Scholarship. I have known Julian for five years now, since he completed my course in Computer Programming III (Web Development). As the best student in this course, Julian was markedly the most interested in get real with web development, always looking for a good idea for a web application he could develop. Although at that time he had not all the knowledge needed to do so.

Since Julian took the class he has kept in touch with me, in particular by seeking my advice on software architecture for web applications. Based on these interactions, over the last years I have come to see Julian as a bright, personable, energetic, and mature person with concrete goals in his career.

As a computer scientist and a professor of the Industrial University of Santander I am honored to see that Julian has become an entrepreneur, a leader that knows the only way to change things is taking part of the change, and that through his startup he wants to develop that educational project which I am sure will transform the secondary education of our country to a new more comprehensive educational model that will spread high quality knowledge at low cost, educating youth among other important things to be a responsible user or technology with competences for adapting to a changing world.

I have to say that Julian breaks the "Engineer" stereotype with his personal characteristics. He is active, eloquent, and humorous. As I got to know Julian over the years I have become impressed by the wide range of his abilities, he really enjoy continuous self-learning, lately he has shown himself very enthusiastic about some courses imparted by Top Universities in the US, offered in the Coursera and Udemy projects where he has completed a few of them. He also learned English by himself only using the internet and now he has begun with German.

As an engineer he is even more remarkable. One of his strengths is the devotement that he allots to an activity, successfully leading it to an end, no matter what obstacle he meets, sometimes trying to overcome himself .

It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Julian without reservation. His drive and abilities guarantee the success as a graduate student. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

May 9, 2012
Writing Feedback / Gay marriage should not be legalized because it destroys the meaning of family [3]

I used to be closed-minded about gays. But after I realized that there are really, really important things as corruption in our government, I saw we are all in the same boat. No matter your sexual orientation, all that matter is that we have to be united to contruct a better world. It is not sexual orientation what make a good o bad person but the ideas. All depends on education, please take it in consideration, as well as heterosexual couples can be good parents there are heterosexual couples than are bad parents, some even rape their daugthers. The sexual orientation is not the issue to address, it is the culture as whole. Gay parents can be very supportive parents I guess, since they are not able to conceive naturally I think they would really appreciate to have a children and would give anything to rase him/her well (there are also exeptions).

I am straigth (and I really like girls more than you can't imagine) but for me is OK that gays marry or do whatever they want since they are not hurting or annoying anyone else.
May 8, 2012
Undergraduate / (Renaissance style education / communication and organization / DHC) - DAVIS HONOR [2]

" I have diverse interests that vary from orchestra performance to social work and healthcare to biological research."

It could show that you want to know about everything but nothing concrete, even if you specify afterwards. How is orchestra perfomance related to become a successful neurosurgeon?

The first impression is still more important. In my opinion you can say:

I have diverse interests that include social work, healthcare and biological research."

"I have only one set goal in mind- become a passionate neurosurgeon whose mind has enriched by the broadest possible social, cultural, and historical perspective. I intend to be exposed to a wide, sensitizing view of the human condition in order to expand my horizons and develop into a well-rounded, Renaissance person devoted to human suffering"

Avoid to be verbose. Be direct and add only two max three adjectives. It difficults the reading.

"I expect myself explore my undergraduate education in every aspect possible. As a premed student, I am aware of the tasks I will encounter and the skills I must have to resolve them. I am able to envision myself to become an academically prepared through taking the honor sections and courses. Moreover, I will also become more collaborative and well-informed with the broad range of topics that will be conduct in the seminar. Through participating in the Davis Honors Challenge, I believe this will help me achieve my personal goal and prepare me to achieve even greater goals."

I expect, I am, I will, I must, I am, I will, I believe. Be more fluent using cause-effect connectors.

May 8, 2012
Letters / 'eager to' - Letter of recommendation of my former professor to apply to Scholarship [5]

Bucaramanga Mayo 6 de 2012

To The Fulbright Commission.

I am writing with great pleasure to recommend Mr. Julian Gonzalez for the application to the Fulbright Commission Scholarship Program.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Julian Gonzalez during the last six years. I worked closely with him on his Thesis Project in his last undergraduate year. During that time he demonstrated a strong commitment to the enhancement of his software development skills and the use of technologies for education and the research fields.

I came to know him in the second academic period of 2005 while teaching the Electromagnetisms class. His desire for learning and passion for the physics called my attention and I invited him to join our weekly Astronomy seminar in the Halley Center Group where he participated energetically as part of his extracurricular activities complemented with his participation in the taekwondo team. He first joined our Astronomy meetings as an attendee and afterwards as a speaker. Soon his desire for a challenging opportunity to help to improve the learning experience of other students in our department applying computer programs, lead me to assign him the development of a special project that would give to postgraduate students the tool necessary to conduct measurements in a nanometric scale in 3D.

Julian shown a high performance in the development of this project, participated actively, suggested changes that improved the initial requirements and exhibited highly valuable characteristics as independence, drive and leadership.

The product he and his partner developed now is a valuable tool in our laboratory and, as his Thesis, it got a perfect score of 5.0.

Julian is a hard worker with a good attitude and gentle, earnest spirit. He is always eager to learn and teach. Our society needs more people like Julian, those who are committed to being competent and caring, and whose studies will make a difference in the future. I recommend him highly.