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Jun 3, 2012
Writing Feedback / IELTS - Boys naturally more agressive than girls? [5]

Many people maintain that boys are naturally aggressive than girls. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Aggression may be defined as overwhelming demonstration of feelings or behavior that is considered rude, rough or intimidating. I believe, boys are aggressive naturally, than girls.

Boys are deemed to be aggressive than girls and this may be attributed to social or cultural settings as well as physical strength.

Physically boys are much stronger than girls and this is bestowed by the genetics of human beings. The expression of physical strength is common and may be related to the genetic coding that is prevalent in males than females. The evidence of this extra energy expressed by a male toddler can be found by most of the mothers, those have brought up a baby boy. This is something unique to males and is considered natural, as, at an early age the subject have not been tainted by our culture or social fabric.

If we go through the cases of bullying at school, there is significant difference between the number of boys and girls, usually boys on the higher side of statistics. There might be few psychological factors involved for example to impress the peers, to fetch lime light or superiority complex, where it is hard to differentiate between the gender. However, boys lead the ratio and it is hard to deny the fact that, they are the culprits.

Our cultural and social values, especially in the third world countries are male oriented and the exercise begins at an early age. It has adulterated boys psychologically as the aggression and demonstration of strength, physically or behaviorally, is rewarded by appreciation.

To summarize the debate, I would say that the boys are naturally aggressive than girls and this unique disposition can be attributed to nature and social values.

Second Response....

I agree with the notion that the boys are naturally aggressive than girls. There are following factors that solidify this view point.

I reckon, the boys aggressiveness and utterance can be traced back to the theory of evolution of living species. The physical toughness has evolved through an evolution process spanning many hundred thousand years. It is not only the male human beings, it is common among all the living animals. Hence, the nature weighed in favor of males while bestowing the physical strength and its demonstration with pride and sometime overwhelmingly mandatory for survival.

Naturally gifted physical strength has been nurtured in the social context of our lives. Whenever, it was question of survival, protection or to be superior among evens, men made use of their natural strength. It is almost near impossible to find a female warrior or invader on the history pages. Moreover, whether it is a social norm, culture or religion, demonstration of strength is an ally of men.

I don't know whether there is any binding between the physical strength and psychological contemplation, but it is obvious to find girls being polite, kind and more friendly than boys. Boys express the anger boldly, while girls hold on to it. Girls like to be cared being at a position accompanying a guardian. Men are protectors and it has to be strong, tough and can face hardships as these are the mandatory merits of the job.

The hybridization of nature and social fabric over a time period of enormous length have made boys aggressive as compared to girls.