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Aug 1, 2012
Writing Feedback / TOEFL iBT - Qualities of a good neighbor; polite, friendly, not vociferous [2]

Home is a place where we have rest after long hours of work at office. How would it be if the surroundings of a home are not pleasant? Certainly, we afraid to go home, isn't it? Our [ neighbors comes first in our surrounding. In my opinion they should be polite, friendly and obviously not vociferous.

First quality of a good neighbor must be polite in nature. If he is aggressive and quarrelsome then our stay at home becomes miserable. If he/she expresses politely any inconvenience caused by our known/unknown activities then the relation between neighbors never gets spoiled. Otherwise it is always broken.for example???????????

Second one is, a friendly neighbor turns out to be a good company. Especially for the people who stay away from family having a kind, helping and friendly neighbor is a great boon. Surely this person can take care of us.I remember that during our early days in Sandiego we don't have the car. Hence was though task to get groceries and other supplies home . But our neighbors Mr Lawson was such a humble man. He used to gave us ride to the mart whenever they have gone or even sometimes he used to enquire if we were in need of something so that he can get it from the mart for us.

In addition to freindly and polite nature the most important thing Good neighbor must respect privacy of each other. Their entertainment should not cause disturbance. Imagine if they cause disturbance to your sleep during a weekend night with a high intensity loud speakers because of which the next day you perform very poor in an official interview isn't that a great blow to your career? For example ??????????????

At last but not least important thing a neighbor must be careful about the activities of their kids and pets. It is always real fun to hang around with kids. But if kids in your next door are so naughty and they just knock on your door for fun sake when you are at work and your elderly parents are having rest then it is no more fun. It is really weird if their unattended pet barking at you guests. Assume that you have plants and always love to see them with flowers. If their children spoil your lovely roses for which instead of apologizing if they behave as if it is natural then surely you may not digest this.

To sum i would like to say a good neighbor is like a family member at the same time a bad neighbor is just like hell beside your very next door. A kind, generous,helping and courteous person is always a very good neighbor but most of relation depend on us. KARMA is important if we do good we get good.
Aug 1, 2012
Writing Feedback / "police office shouldn't carry guns" - do you agree or disagree with statement [3]

Guns may be considered as symbol of violence and power. An great power comes with great responsibility besides all these facts I personal think police officers must carry guns with them to maintain law and order.People may argue about dangerous and catastrophic effects but its a measure of safety for the public and for officers themselves.

To begin with safety is major issue with all us. Most of gangster carry strong weapons and they didn't think a second before using them.How the police officers can handle them without guns.For example last month a read a news in new york times about an incidence took place in downtown. The article mentioned that two officer died while protecting a child from a gang. They didn't use gun first but when situation went out of control they use gun in a defensive way. On other hand gangster keep shooting on them. These type of incident may more often and worse is police officer without gun.

In addition to safety guns also a thought as symbol of power. since british came to america they only rule with gun. America got freedom back only with power of smart use of weapons.

No body follow law and order if they are not afraid of something. This has been proved in many psychological experiments and researcher hypothesized that sometime negative reinforcement make us faster learner. Hence guns can be used as negative reinforcement and we can train the society to follow laws in order to maintain peace full environment.

well apart from safety and power all the police officers are sufficiently trained enough to use the gun only when no option left. Every office give prior warning to victim before using them. For example when yesterday I went to market I heard lots of police car horns and sounds when I turned around I saw sheriff was given waring to man with a lady bag .he was asked to not to move, to place his hands , to head turn around and on sit on knees. Sheriff was holding gun only to scare him or to make him follow his command. Sheriff didn't fire a single shoot while arresting him. Well people may think using guns as inhuman behavior but i think our officers are trained enough to use them only in extreme condition.

to sum up i would like to mention can u imagine functioning of a teacher without board, a doctor without medicines same how a cope can work without gun. although we can't ignore the fact of responsible use it only when required.