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Nov 12, 2012
Writing Feedback / Narrative ESSAY; UNUSUAL VOYAGE, Footballer, and Britain [3]

Everybody takes a trip from one place to another with long-distance transportation such as buses, planes,trains etc. Sometimes during the trip; There may be some problems. Generally I have to tackle this problems. For example las Bairam I had lots of scary and tragicomic problems and for me those ordinary pronblems taught me new things. I mean I realized thet Murphy was right: "Anything could go wrong will wrong".

When I went to my aunt's home the last Bairam, I behaved like an idiot person. Because I had bought my ticket in the last second. So the bus was very old. That night there was a match of Galatasaray and the bus didn't include the TV. I really got angry with that situation. Anyway a short period of time later we had a break and I watched the first half of time match. Meanwhile Melo, who is Galatasaray's footballer, missed the penalty position and we finished the first half to succumb. Then the break was finished.After than till the morning 06:00 I didn't sleep even for one minute.

thenthefirst hours in the morning, after I had been waken up by the asistant and he said we arrived in Maras By the way i hadn't been in Maras and My aunt's home is in G.Antep. Finally i needed to go to G.Antep. Anyway I got off the bus and i took my luggage. A few minutes later. I noticed that Ihad taken the wrong luggage even i got off in the wrong place where is called GĂśksun. It took about 90 km. It was about to get crazy. After a while I went to Maras Bus Station. Than I sent it back to the original owner of the suitcase and i took my luggage again.

At the end of the trip I arrived in G.Antep However Ä°nspite of arriving, unfortunatelly travelling wasn't finished. Because as soon as I got off, i suddenly faced to calamity because of the rain. I absolutely got wet head to toe and i revolted everthing.in a moment i thought to get back Eskisehir. But despite everything i didn't give up.

Finally I arrived at my aunt's home and hugged my aunt and cousins. The experience indicates me that If you make a mistake, you will remain to make mistake.