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Dec 18, 2012
Letters / 'Enjoying electronics' - Motivational letter for erasmus mundus master's program. [2]

Hi there. I've written a motivational letter for ERASMUS MUNDUS master's program this year. Please go through it and feel free to share any correction that is to be made ..I will appreciate it :)

Motivational Letter

We now live in a world where people have completely been dependant upon technology. Today the first thing that a child is getting into is technology. For example, don't we see children playing with I pad's, phones and computers everywhere? It has become one of the necessities of people. This is how I started developing my interest in electronics more and more. I have always been very keen when it comes to technical attitude. Be it school, college or university, I have always been passionate about exploring this side of education. I have a firm determination to work hard and achieve the goals that I have aimed in my life. This is the area of life that I have chosen to be and I want to see myself very successful there. Moreover, I want to enjoy the life that being an engineer brings. It was once dreamed that an airplane can be made but today we fly in it. I want to be one of that revolutionist. These are the few reasons, which have compelled me to be part of this beautiful world.

Currently I have done my B.E in Electronics engineering from Mehran University Of Engineering And Technology and now I pursue to do masters in this area. This will help me enormously in building my understanding and knowledge towards electronics. It is definitely going to be a step ahead towards my goals. Regarding my B.E in Electronics engineering. As promised about being determinative, I kept my determination at its best and have successfully achieved greater results. This can be proved with my academic result sheet. I was one of the top students throughout my course and I intend to work harder in my masters. During the Bachelors I have taken part in numerous events like Project competitions, workshops and seminars. Further, on many occasions, I have served as a volunteer in these events and I have also been an organizer for the career counselling session held at our university campus.

Being someone who enjoys working in this field, I would love to do masters in electronics that could help me learn essential areas of this field I would love to get some useful work experience in the Europe which will definitely benefit me in building my career. This includes learning the difference in the technology involved with respect to Pakistan and Europe. Moreover, it would be an honour to be part of this Prestige University. Studying there will definitely enhance my knowledge and teach me some aspects of practical life in engineering I am seeking for. With high dreams in my eyes I want to enhance my skills because in the end what matters are my contribution and my work in the field of electronics.