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May 1, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS : Boarding schools are getting more popular in some countries. Good or bad? [3]

Hello, I'm Tor from Thailand. I am a new member here and this is my first essay in IELTS exam preparation.

Q : In some countries boarding schools are getting more popular. Is it a positive or negative development? What are the reasons behind it?

Essay : In the past when communication was not as convenient as present, boarding schools was probably one and only option for certain families, especially those who lived in the rural areas, to endow their children with education. But when transportation has become better, trend has been changed toward day school. Yet in some countries, thing does not follow the same direction as boarding schools once again turn back to popularity. In my opinion, this would rather be the drawback than the advantage.

Firstly, children in boarding schools are meant to live apart from their parents, who are the best persons that can provide them physical and mental supports. Although teachers can also do this part, they would not put enough effort to do so, particularly when dealing with children who are difficult to deal with.

Secondly, no matter how long children spend their times in boarding schools, they will return to live with their families when they graduate. By that time, some of them will face difficulties in adaptation in living with their parents while the others may find it troublesome to form an appropriate relationship. For some instances, just expressing the passion may be incredibly hard.

On the other hand, the only benefit from growing up in boarding schools is that children will be strong to struggle through unpleasant time and cope with any disappointments in future life. They will learn to rely utmost on themselves.

In summarize, popularization of boarding schools in some countries would adversely affect the children rather than establish positive attributes.

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Thank you for any comments