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Aug 1, 2013
Writing Feedback / Sharing wealth between rich and poorer nations [2]

It is not secret that in the modern world countries became more integrated and connected. That is why i subscribe to the idea that countries should help each others for a sake of better world.

The following essay aims to support the statement mentioned above with relevant examples and reasons.
First of all from my point of view it is should not be a subject of question that countries should help or not. Because if the day after day gap between wealthy and poor is going to enlarge, soon or late wealthy countries will feel the drawbacks of this enlarged gap. For example living conditions is really critic in the Somali and it is turned into nuisance . They created Somali pirates and started attacking ships and killing people and bringing about serious problems for a other countries too.

On other hand populations of poorer countries try to move wealthy countries illegally and these countries obliged to spend money on preventing illegal migrants. Because these migrants cause problems like increasing crime rate and unemployment. That is why it is better wealthy nations contribute development of poorer nations.

Secondly, I think that this help should not be limited only with food and education. Today is health is one of the major problems for a whole nations and most of these problems widespread in miserable countries. In some countries of Africa percentage of HIV make up of more than 50% of the population. This is not a dangerous percentage only for a Africa, it is also threat for a whole world. Because infected people travel other countries, keep in touch people from different countries as a result HIV spreads everywhere. If the wealthy nations pay some money for developing reproductive health and hygiene education it will be good for other nations too.

In sum I conclude that if wealthy nations share some money with poorer nations for reducing food, education and health problems, we will live in better world. But wealthy nations should teach them fishing not to fish for poorer nations.