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Sep 24, 2013
Undergraduate / 'more tougher than for freshman' Transfer Supplement Essay SUNY Old Wesbury - challenges [3]

I am looking to transfer to SUNY Old Westbury and I have to complete a supplement application essay. It would help a lot if you guys gave me your thoughts on my essay, if there are any mistakes, things I should change, etc. Thank you! :)

The question is :
Please describe the challenges you expect to face at the College at Old Westbury and how you are prepared to meet those challenges.

As I plan to enter The College at Old Westbury, I have a good understanding of some of the challenges that will come my way. As a transfer student, going away to college might be more tougher than it is for freshmen. To go from having a group of friends in community college to being in a completely different environment with not knowing anyone is one of the challenges. Going into school as a freshman, there are many different opportunities for students to get to know new people, but there might not be as many opportunities for a transfer student. Being in the classroom, it's easy to have friendly conversations with people, but since going to a community college, it's harder to have those acquaintances turn into a friendship. Community College is tough, in all aspects, especially trying to make friends, when people rush out of class to try to beat the traffic lines. At Old Westbury, the atmosphere will be more relaxed and slow-paced. I'll have a roommate and a building of people who are on campus because they live there, so making friends might not be as rough as it is at a community college.

Another challenge I expect to face is living on my own, out of the house. I've been at home going to college for two years since I graduated high school, having dinner on the table all the time and family always be there when I need something. Since graduating high school, I have become more mature around the house and being able to do things on my own, but it will be completely different living on my own, without the comfortable environment of my own home or having a close friend around the block. I have been preparing going away to school with cooking more, being organized and knowing that my family is just a phone call away from me, if I ever need them.

One more challenge I expect to face is the school work. I've been at my community college for five semesters now and I've gotten pretty used to the standard that each class sets, what the standard the college sets. I've heard that community college is so easy and that most people do terrible after they transfer out. My concern is that the workload will be extremely different compared to a community college. I have gotten used to figuring out each of my professor's teaching style and taking that to help me study and do well throughout the course. I know, though, that I will push myself to do better and succeed in each class that I take at Old Westbury.