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Apr 2, 2014
Writing Feedback / Grievance is unsatisfaction about quality; complaint by writing more effective [4]

I prefer complaint by writing because we do not waste time.

I would rather complain in writing because whoever I'm communicating with does not have to deal with the complaint until they're in the mood for it. I also notice that if I complain in person that people interrupt me or they distract me from the real issues so the complaint never gets resolved.

Having things in writing is also good because you don't have to keep telling your story over and over and you have a chance to think about what you want to say.

It's also good for legal purposes.

Also when things are in writing then no one gets distracted by your voice, appearance, or other details about you and instead they only pay attention to what you're saying.
Apr 2, 2014
Essays / Confused on list of sources and what order to put them in [4]

Normally, referencing guide is arranged in alphabetical order based on the authors' name.

My teacher wanted me do my list of sources by listing the web address first.
This web page would not let me post the list of addresses I got stuck on because it won't allow websites to be posted here so I will just explain that I have about four articles from the same website.

I did not know if I should alphabetize by following the letters down on the web address or if I should alphabetize using the article titles or if I should list the website only one time (instead of four times) and list all the article titles under one source or if I should list the author's names under the web address, similar to what people are saying.
Mar 30, 2014
Essays / Confused on list of sources and what order to put them in [4]

Most times I don't get this confused when I fix my list of sources.

I looked at APA style and I not like it. Also, my teacher said I don't have to use it and another teacher asked me to use the web address first.

Can someone please tell me what they would do with this list? The web addresses are really similar.

I have the temptation to use the article titles at the top of the web pages to alphabetize instead of alphabetizing by the web address.

It seems that it did not upload so let me try putting these items here without uploading them.