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Jun 9, 2014
Graduate / SOP for MS in VLSI (Digital Design); 'knowledge once gained can't be taken away' [4]

This is my first draft of my SOP for MS in VLSI, which I intend to do from a reputed university in US. This is a general SOP draft which means it does not have any specific university or professor names included. Please review it, tell me what should I keep and what should I remove and any tips are welcomed and appreciated as well.

Knowledge is the only fortune that once gained can never be taken away from you. It is the only wealth that multiplies when shared with others. Collecting knowledge and knowing about how things work has been most of my childhood and my youth as well. As a child I was always fancied by electronic gadgets and devices. Belonging to a bourgeois family we couldn't afford to give in to each and every one of my whims and fancies. My mother taught me that if we can build something on our own, it is our most valued possession. Hence, my curious inchoate mind delved in how can I build all these things for myself? As I grew older and became mature, the childhood whimsy mended into scientific curiosity. I learnt that these electronic devices are made up of several components, such as Semiconductors. After school I prepared for entrance tests for engineering examinations, so that I can pursue my curiosity into a career. During that year I had the fortune to develop my fundamental knowledge in physics and mathematics. I also gave into my urge to teach and helped some less fortunate yet extremely brilliant children with their studies. This period gave me a chance to grow spiritually and cognitively. I gave my entrance examinations and scored admission into a reputed engineering college.

Prevailing to my initial curiosity in electronic devices I chose Electronics and Communication Engineering as my major for my bachelor's degree. During this course I learnt about analog and digital electronic devices, Digital circuits and systems, VLSI design, microprocessors, microcontrollers and many other subjects. My strength during my studies has always been the practical part. I indulged myself into connecting the theoretical course with the practical course and learning more about the practical applications of the subjects I studied. For example when I studied Digital Signal Processing I investigated the concepts of homomorphic filters for applications in voice recognition. This aided to decrement in my grades but I never gave up my thirst for practical knowledge. Three subjects of the most, computer architecture, digital circuits and systems and VLSI design enthralled me when I got to study them. It was like fate was waiting all along for me study them and pursue my career in them. I received training in microprocessors and embedded systems after completion of my second year in college. This inspired me to work on projects related to them. For completion of my training I made a Home Automation System based on DTMF, in which home appliances can be controlled using a cell phone through an embedded system using DTMF decoding received on the terminal of another cell phone. For my minor project submission I made a Pay to Charge system in which mobile devices can be electrically charged in exchange of currency. This project was based on microprocessor AT89C2051 which is a two port variable of microcontroller 8051. I honed my assembly language skills during this project. During my summer training after my 3rd year of college I learnt about IP multicast based networking systems in depth. This gave me inspiration for my major project submission. This time I amalgamated the concepts of network theory and digital systems and found a problem domain in switching for MPSoCs. For my final and major project submission I implemented an asymmetric crossbar switch. In this project I used an efficient scheduling scheme to deliver data packets from input ports to output ports in an asymmetric environment. This project was made and simulated in verilog. Besides these projects I have also delivered several presentations during my course of study and I have a keen zest of teaching and sharing my knowledge.

My future goal and my career objective, is to become an expert in digital system design and to contribute to the industry for our mutual benefit. To pursue my goal I feel the need to gain more and more practical knowledge in this field. According to my research not only your university provides an excellent environment and facilities but the projects and areas of interest/work of the faculty present at your university are in most synchronization and in the right path for my goal.
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