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Jun 14, 2014
Writing Feedback / my best friend - Champ ; Descriptive paragraph about person who I feel admirable [3]

Descriptive paragraph about person who I feel admirable
When I was high school, I had my best friend's name is Champ who has three character traits that made him admirable. Firstly, he was looked like a self-confident man. Champ had his style clothes because most his friends liked to wear a black shirt and black long pants, but he usually wore a jacket yean and slacks. Additionally, every time had a banquet, he also cloud deliver a speech by fluent speech. Secondly, he is totally a diligent man. He always worked so hard on his lessons, including homework and projects. Moreover, he often prepared himself by read books before starting class. Lastly, I felt very calm and peaceful when I talked with him. Every time I had trouble, he usually reminded me to calm down and compose myself. He also taught me to manage the problems that through in my life, and he always told me to think positively because it can help me to pass any trouble in my life and made the strong feeling to me. Therefore, I will never forget him who is the important person in my life that impressed and admired me many things in himself.

Thank you for spend your time and help me. I am sorry very much, my English is not good.