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Aug 17, 2014
Writing Feedback / What God thinks about it? - Why cosmetic surgery must be banned [2]

I am going to submit this essay to school and please leave me some comments about it. Thanks
These days, the number of cosmetic surgery is highly increasing. Many people think if you do cosmetic surgery, your relationship and life will be much happier than before. However, many numbers of people are suffering from the negative effects cosmetic surgery gave them. In fact, cosmetic surgery is a short term, waste of money, and has dangerous side effects.

First, cosmetic surgery is a short term. Some people think that cosmetic surgery can change your life totally and permanently. It just changes your face and makes you feel happy just for a temporary time. The fact is that cosmetic surgery only lasts for about ten years. There are many stories that tell you about people whose faces got worse because of the surgery's short term. There was a Korean woman who did cosmetic surgery twice and then after twelve years, the metal thing that was supporting her nose got crushed, so her face got even worse than before she did cosmetic surgery. . And this cosmetic surgery fulfills your desire just for a constant time, so it will make you to do more and more surgeries

Second, cosmetic surgery is a waste of money. As it was mentioned, cosmetic surgery lasts for a temporary time. When constant time passes, you would have to do the surgery again which means that you would have to do the surgery many times. So it's just same as using your money on useless things. The more serious problem is that it takes about $1000 to $5000 for you to do one cosmetic surgery. It takes a lot of money for you to just one surgery. You could do better things such as donation with these money. In a statistic done by a newspaper report, it's said that 93% of Koreans think that people are spending too much money on fixing and changing their faces.

Last, cosmetic surgery has dangerous side effects. Many of us already know that side effects caused by cosmetic surgery are very horrible and dangerous. Some people's face had so terrible side effects that even doctors said that it can't be fixed or changed. The more you try to be beautiful, the more your face will be unnatural and ugly. The surgery that was going to change your wife in a happy way changes your life in a worse way. Also recently the number of illegal surgery is getting increasing too, so the numbers of side effects are also growing exponentially. If we ban cosmetic surgery, then there will be no more side effects and people who are suffering from another pain caused by side effects.

If you do want to do the surgery, then you must also think about what God thinks about it. In John 1:3 it's said that all things were made through him and without him was not anything made that was made. It means that we are made by God and those surgeries and tries to change our appearance is nothing. Also God does not look our appearance, but our inner heart. This is why God all made us differently into his image. However, we are right now trying to change God's image just for our advantages in this world. This is a definitely wrong thing for us to do as a human and Christians. To conclude, plastic surgery must be banned, because of its short term, waste of money and many side effects.