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Jan 7, 2016
Writing Feedback / Destination of UK students - IELTS Writing Task 1:Cambridge IELTS Book 10,Test 3 [3]

(Question is attached ;please refer the question and give a feedback in my writing .Many many thank you so much.)

Given two bar chart shows destination of undergraduates and postgraduates student of the UK,other than full-time work in the year of 2008.

Majority of both undergraduate and postgraduate students went for higher studies. Almost thirty thousand of graduate students opted for further study and 2725 postgraduate student went for higher studies. There was significant difference between the student undergoing part-time work and higher studies among the undergraduate.While, for postgraduate ,there was negligible difference. Almost eighteen thousand undergraduate students took part-time job compare to the twenty-five hundred postgraduate.

Student opting for voluntary work was low in both the cases.While large proportion of undergraduate students were unemployed after the completion of their degree,that is about 16000. On the other hand those who have completed master degree were relatively less jobless , about 1625 found to be unemployed.But the ratio for both undergraduate and postgraduate jobless student remains same .

To recapitulate, most of the students who got bachelor and master degree opted higher stidues,, and rest went for part-time work and voluntary work ,while some of them are jobless.