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Apr 18, 2016
Writing Feedback / Some offices has put ban on smoking in workplace. What do you think? [6]

Hi there ! These are my few suggestions:

1. Additionally, smokers in public environments encourage the youngyouth to smoke.
2. Society is responsible to provide its/the young generation a proper model.
4.it considers high standards to abandon in in public places and workplace and specific charges should be considered for breaking this law .
Words in blue are the ones I'm trying to figure out the meaning. What do you want to say? As a reader I find it hard to make out the meaning of the sentence.

Words in green are the ones I find weak in expression. This is my idea: strict punishments should be implemented for those who break the laws.
Apr 10, 2016
Writing Feedback / Throughout the history, the damage that human caused to the mother nature is irreversible. [3]

Hi guys, my teacher gave me the homework : "Write an essay to discuss the causes of global warming"
Here is what I've written and feel free to give any comment/suggestion/edit. Thanks in advance.
Note: my essay does not follow the structure of a typical IELTS. I actually used a model of "Cause and Effect essay" represented in the book Effective Academic Writing 3 published by Oxford

Throughout the history, the damage that human caused to the mother nature is irreversible. As a consequent, people's lives are being threatened by various climatic changes, including the most castatrophic one : Global warming. While there are many factors contributing to the situation, excessive amount of exhaust gas and deforestation stand alone as two leading causes.

First and foremost, the predominant factors resulting in the warming of the Earth is the emission of green house gas,such as CO2,CFC,etc... Needless to say, we are all familiar with these gases since we are all involved in producing them. Many of them come from different sources, but the most common are those deriving from the burning of fossil fuels. Power plants consume an excessive amount of natural resources in order to generate electricity;therefore releasing numerous quantity of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Another factor responsible for this emission comes from transportation. Despite many efforts to lessen the use of fossil fuel, gasoline remains as the most prevalent source of energy. No matter what sources the gases come from, they gradually build up within the atmosphere. When there is enough exhaust gases, a "barrier" will form and prevent the heat from escaping to the outer space.

The second cause to the issue is the deforestation. From the early ages, we all acknowledged that the photosynthesis is an essential process in which the CO2 is converted to oxygen. On a large scale, forests are by all means the most important ways to maintain the balance of CO2 in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, human has witnessed an alarming rate of deforestation due to thieves, fire and drought. When a fire occur, it not only takes away our natural purifier but also releasing a huge amount of dust and exhaust gas into the air. This combination helps accelerate the process of building up CO2 inside the atmosphere and trapping the heat. Consequently, the average temperature of the Earth gets higher.

To summarize, the two out-standing causes of global warming are the over-use of fossil fuel and the deforestation which is usually caused by human. It is unnecessary to discuss about the outcomes of the issue since we are now suffering from them everyday: climata changes, regular extreme weather events, and so on. Therefore, people need to join hand to help to save the mother nature because after all, we are saving our own future.