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Jun 8, 2016
Undergraduate / Photography and art - wrong grammar of statement of intent for SVA [3]

please help me correction any wrong grammar of statement of intent for SVA

The art is an unlimited space. We need a lot of elements combined together to make us have the capability to knock the door of the palace of art! HERE ,The school of visual arts , where can help me knock the door ,be a distinctive photographer.

The reasons for me pursuing the visual arts is so easy I want get more and more advanced in way of to be a photographer. As the dreamboat ,here is the best place I ever know in New York city. I had been studying at Lagudia community college as a commercial photography major student .But later I dropped out the college. The reason cause me dropped out, because I feel the photography is very boring at that period time. When I left the school.Then, very luck! I got hired by a social media company as the Internship photographer! Just After few months Internship as a photographer, I were really falling in love with the photography. But as soon ,I have found out that i have the limitation of photography . Even if the colleagues alway praised me " li ,you really take the good pictures!" but I clarity that it doesn't good enough, helplessly I don't know how to get improve it. It's why I want get back to the school ,a great professional school! I want to be an eligible photographer who can shoot the impressing pictures to the world

The more time contract with the photography that makes me have more comprehend to the photography and be a photographer! Photography is not only about the colors ,exposure or something like that! for my understanding to the photography, the photography is the story which fail to put into words. as a great article, it must be impressed people and make people thinking deeply. similarly, the photography for me is not just a simple looking, it's about feeling. because the photography is an art of observation. As a great photographer Robert Frank once said that "there is one thing the photograph must contain , the humanity of the moment". At the early time, I consider be a "VICTORIA'S SECRET" photographer is the most attractive job as a male photographer. but after I have seen Robert Frank's most famous work "The Americans", It had changed my understanding of the meaning of photography. the people considered it as one of most seminal work 20th century image because his works altered the way americans looked at themselves, the truly one. what it teaching me? the great photography is not about depth of field , but depth of feeling.

Life is too short to chasing dreams come true, but it's never too late to late to chasing dreams come true. I'm really hope I would get into the school of visual arts, let me understand the in depth knowledge of photography!

please help me correction any wrong grammry of statement of intent for SVA
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