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Jun 26, 2016
Writing Feedback / Fewer languages in the world has its merits; How to write an opinion essay about languages? [3]

In this world there are many languages in use.However, some languages are vanishing through the use of modern languages.Some people claim that it is not an essential problemm because a fewer languages can be useful in order to co-operate with people in any part of the world while others disagree with them.Personally I definitely agree with the given statement that if we speak only a fewer languages life will be easier to communicate with other people and this essay will scrutinize arguments to support this view.

The main reason is that technology will become easier.To illustrate,nowadays all descriptions of new technology are written in english and no one understand if one can not speak another language.Let's take an example air conditioner.A customer buys air conditioner and he does not know a foreign language. He reads a description and can not understand how to use it.Due to the fact that remote control and descriptions are given in english.As a result,he will face some problems how to sue air conditioner.

However, this issue has a minor drawbacks.Firstly, learning a foreign language takes up to several months.Therefore,now the general public have no time to learn a foreign language.Secondly,verey nation has their culture and their language that passed down from generation to generation.What I am trying to say is that no one wants their language and culture to be vanished.

To sum up, it is apparent that merits outweigh in this aspect.I suppose that there will be a fewer languages in the world .Since it helps to co-operate with foreigners without translator to organize thier businesses.