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Poetry analysis paper (Academy of American Poets). Where to start?

TaniaMeyers 1 / -  
Dec 1, 2009   #1
This question is regarding a final paper for a master's class.

The final assignment is to write a 2000 word essay comparing and contrasting two different poems. I have barely scratched through the previous two papers and made a C on them both. I can not get detailed enough for this teacher. I don't know what two poems to even begin with...and then determining a thesis about them...I am stuck! Can someone give me some brain prompts to get started? (The poems should come from Academy of American Poets)

Thanks soo much!!
EF_Susan - / 2,364 12  
Dec 2, 2009   #2
Google the Academy of American Poets and choose two poems, maybe two by the same poet, or two poems about a similar subject but by different authors. Then google the title of each poem with the word analysis, and check out what other people had to say about them. That should get your wheels turning...good luck!

Home / Poetry / Poetry analysis paper (Academy of American Poets). Where to start?
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