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SkillsUSA Speech: Connecting You to Career Success

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Dec 27, 2015   #1
Themes Below Speech
A man who loses ambition is a sad sight to see. To look in the face of a challenge and say, "I give up, you won". The purpose of all desires are to be fulfilled, when they are reached you stop desiring them; when the desiring stops, the fulfillment stops. Why is it that ambition is such a rare quality in humanity? According to Oxfam's American report, "Hard Work, Hard Lives.", 62% of americans have faith in the american dream, 33% says hard work does not guarantee success and 5% are unsure. If the population in the united states of america is 322 million, that means 102.26 million people give into their own fears. The fact of the matter is, more and more americans are losing faith in the american dream and why is that? Clearly, americans can't get ahead financially. This is completely idiotic, many companies are reporting that they need more workers

When I was younger, I wanted to be a firefighter. What kid hasn't. But why is it that almost every child wants to be a firefighter or police officer? At a young age, the goal is never to make money, it is simply to be happy and selfless, not to make money. Unfortunately, somehow, over the last few decades our perception of success changed. In the 21st century we no longer want to be happy, we want to make money. Success is not a competition to see who can make the most money the fastest and it is not obtainable by the means of selfish ambition. We could make the american dream a reality, but that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were. It can only happen if we summon a new spirit.

It is my firm belief that every... single... human has has a desire to succeed in his or her goals. But every now and again, we need a little push. That's the purpose of SkillsUSA, In my younger years I tried out for everything, just for the fun of it. Victory was always the itch I could scratch but could never vanquish, I never cared until my later years. My junior year of high school I joined SkillsUSA As the time for the competition came, I failed. I was so devastated symbolically, holding myself at gunpoint. I failed as a SkillsUSA member by being one of the few people who did not take home a medal. I look back at this experience in content, this failure empowered me by making me work harder because one day I know I will prevail and I would not have the aspiration I do in order to achieve my goals.

Coming from the a low income area where education is not popular amongst the majority, I never grabbed the idea of the real world before high school. I was always thought that better grades would create a better job. The fact of the matter is college is expensive. Even with financial aid student debt is crushing an entire generation of non wealthy americans. With SkillsUSA and its various partners bridges the gap between education and the workforce. Unfortunately this is is a challenge. Business and industry employers rely on the younger generation but teenagers lack traits desired by businesses in the work force. Such as leadership, Resilience, competitiveness, consistency and drive. There are few companies and organizations that are actually centered on these values. But what if all companies started with this list, wouldn't america have a leg up in the economy. Even SkillsUSA could focus on these elements to be even more successful for the next 50 years.

If I had the opportunity to go back 51 years ago. A time where the wheel started moving, the ranger 8 being shot into orbit, Dr.King leading the march on alabama and the true birth of SkillsUSA. I would be mesmerized. Yes, this was a time of tragedy yet, a time of beauty. Where america united. We united to watch the ranger 8, we united to march, and we united to ensure the stability of the american economy. We only achieved this by fighting. Why is SkillsUSA so successful? Team members fought to be successful just like Dr.King fought for civil rights. This fight is not over. We fight to promise a better america for and now it is time to fulfill that promise. The only reason SkillsUSA is successful is because they united. and that's what inspired me to join SkillsUSA.

What elements and/or influences developed over the past 50 years have inspired your involvement in SkillsUSA today?
Describe the skills and attitudes that business and industry are demanding of students for career success
Describe how the mission of SkillsUSA - to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens - guarantees career success.
How has the vision of career success changed over the decades?
Why is ensuring career success for every member of SkillsUSA important to the economic health and stability of our nation?
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Jan 3, 2016   #2
Ted, have you already submitted this essay to your professor? I hope you haven't done so yet because you need to go back and proof read the essay. You have a number of problems that you need to revise in this essay before you can submit it. Please tell me that you just posted a draft version for our review here and that we still have time to address the issues in the essay.

To begin with, you have a tendency to write the start of new sentences in small letters when, as I am sure you know and just forgot about while you developed this speech, that a capital letter is required to start a new sentences in all instances. That is the basic sentence structure rule. If you review the essay, you will see that you failed to properly start the sentences a number of times. Even if you will only be reading this speech in class, you should always strive to follow the correct grammar rules in writing sentences at all times.

In relation to that, you also failed to use a capital letter when spelling out a proper noun. That means, the word america should always be capitalized as America. If you used a word document for typing up this speech, the red line under the proper noun should have alerted you to this mistake. Please review the essay and make sure that you capitalize all the proper nouns. That includes the word American as in "The American Dream".

Overall, I believe that you were able to write a compelling speech that could help you successfully argue your cause. It just needs to be proof read for the mistakes. Hopefully you will catch any other errors in the essay when you run your spellchecker and double check for grammar and punctuation content :-)

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