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"Citizen Journalism" article - Reaction or Response Essay

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Jan 16, 2012   #1
It's reaction essay. please check it to me ^_^

In the article "Citizen Journalism" in Making Connections book, at the beginning author
writes about technology and its impact on the media throughout the ages until now. The
author describes that in the past, editors and journalists determine what is broadcast to the
people. But these days, everyone can publish anything through the Internet on Web sites.
The electronic press has become an impact on the media through business. Citizen journalists
have become active in the society as they interact to publish the events through the technology.

My reaction to what I just read is that I totally agree with this article. In my opinion, the
developments in these days make a small proportion of the people who follow the traditional news
media. "After the tsunami in Southeast Asia, bloggers were the first to tell the world what was
happening", according to this quote the advantage of citizen journalists is to publish news and events
very quickly in their own pages via the internet such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other. From my
observation, it seems that citizen journalists became so important in the society.

I see that these days the people are more likely to be citizen journalists because most of the people
when they see something interesting, they always tell their family or their friend about what
happened. Therefore, the people will try to publish, whether write what happened or pictures or
video record, in their own pages on the internet. According to the article, "Most large news
organizations now have Web sites." this is proof that most people prefer to take the news from the
internet and that made the news stations seek to have their own Web sites. Through my experiences
that there has been a fire at a gas station, which is close to my home, so I took pictures of the event
and I published it via the internet. Consequently, everyone's can be able to become a journalist.

In conclusion, people give the attention and the interaction of the so-called citizen journalists , and
this sends reporting the news and events to the world as fast as possible. Moreover, There are a lot
of news sites on the Internet because people orientation to take the news via the internet.

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