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King Lear; Lear divides his kingdom - problems with my points

english12adv 1 / -  
Nov 13, 2010   #1
In my essay, I'm proving that Lear must suffer to become a wise man, but, I'm having a few problems.

As my first point, I talked about the first scene were Lear divides his kingdom. I outline the speeches by Goneril and talk about how Cordelia's was the true one. I want to close the point but, I'm not sure how because Lear is not suffering in this scene. Help me, please!
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Nov 23, 2010   #2
This is what happens when you establish the thesis BEFORE you start working. It is best to let the thesis form naturally as a result of your reading and reflection. Do not commit to some thesis that you do not know you can defend.

But actually, you can defend this one.

Just bring the focus to examples of his suffering. In any essay, if an example does not support your assertion, it is not useful or relevant. So... move on! Allow yourself to move on.

YellowMamba - / 1  
Apr 9, 2012   #3
develop 3 points for my King Lear Essay; reasons for Lear's downfall lie

Can someone please think of the thesis/ 3 points for my King Lear Essay. My topic is about the reasons for Lear's downfall lie in his own character. The essay should include an analysis of three character traits (social, physical, psychological).
leeza 1 / 5  
Apr 15, 2012   #4
I had something like this to do already. However, it is very late over here and i cannot find that now. I will search loater on in the day
Steohanie - / 1  
Feb 23, 2013   #5
Justice in King Lear; Both Devine & Human? - Advice on organizing thoughts

Hi everyone!

I need to write a paper on the theme of Justice. This is my prompt:
"What does the play King Lear have to say about Justice, both Divine and Human?"
I know there is a lot of examples in the book, but I am horrible at organizing my thoughts and discerning between what's important to say and what's not. I've been thinking that I could talk about the lack of human justice the chaos. I'm also not sure what to say for divine justice because sometimes it shows itself but then the next moment, lacking. I would appreciate any help I can get! Thank you.


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