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what is shakespeare saying about death in hamlet?

db1128 1 / -  
Mar 9, 2011   #1
I have to write an essay in class tomorrow about a theme in Hamlet. The first thing that came to mind was the theme of life/death because there is certainly a lot of evidence for it in the play, but after reading through the obvious parts i am having trouble figuring out what i can say about death other than it happened a lot and its thought about a lot. What do people think shakespeare is trying to say about all of this death? What is his point?

Archi_sarky 1 / 1  
Mar 11, 2011   #2
here are two inspirational links. Essay examples on Hamlet

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Mar 13, 2011   #3
the theme of life/death

This is not really a theme... I mean, it is, but when I think of a theme for an essay I think of a unique observation. Think of it this way... those links above will take you to discussions given by some people who know Shakespeare's work very well. Other people who know it well will have different opinions. If you know it well, you will have your own unique opinion. Your opinion will be unique because it is like this:

Shakespeare's writing X Your personality = a unique insight.

Express that unique observation at the end of the first paragraph.

You might need to read several analyses. In addition to the links provided by Nata, Google this:
Hamlet character analysis
Hamlet analysis
Hamlet theme

TransferringStu 2 / 6  
Mar 13, 2011   #4
I believe Kevin is right in the life/death issue. Life/death are more of motifs.

Taken from the wikipedia article on motifs"

A motif is any recurring element that has symbolic significance in a story. Through its repetition, a motif can help produce other narrative (or literary) aspects such as theme or mood.

Knowing this, ask yourself the question about what themes the deaths of certain characters lend to.

I've only seen the play of hamlet, never read it in much detail, but possible themes that are aided by death are greed, karma, human nature, and futility.

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