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Thesis Help - Literary Criticism essay Frankenstein

terremototempo 1 / -  
Oct 19, 2011   #1
I'm really having trouble with thesis statements, I'm more of a creative writer than a critical one, so this whole argument concept kind of eludes me. At this point I've narrowed my paper down to two ideas but am having trouble coming up with a good thesis statement - though I know the basis of what I want to argue, just not how to put it properly into words.

I'm likely going to go with the theme of abandonment, because I think it's easier to sum up in 2.5 pages than the other topic I was going to choose, but how can I make this a really tight concise thesis statement? I want to say something like:

One of the main and recurrent themes in mary shelley's novel frankenstein, is abandonment. One can see that the parallels between the novel and mary shelley's own life are quite similar. (And then maybe insert a quote here as my hook or whatever.)

Any help is appreciated

beccalevesque - / 45  
Oct 19, 2011   #2
This is good as long as you have the relevent info to back up your statement. If you can show the parallels, then this is a great thesis statement. :)
tamarajones - / 2  
Oct 19, 2011   #3
or perhaps be a little more specific. like "...by examining the relationship between Dr. Frankenstein (father) and the monster (son), one can see parallels between this fictional family and that of Mary Shelly's." I don't know much about her life but if she was let's say abandoned by her parents then say so. it will make your thesis statement stronger.

a thesis statement is a argument. For the rest of the paper you will use evidence (textual evidence) to prove your argument. As a professor once told me, think of yourself as a lawyer and argue your points. hope this helps
Al Wardat - / 1  
Oct 23, 2011   #4
I'm a PHD student writing a dessertation on "Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck, socialism I have just started but the problem is that I am unable to choose the right theory in order to apply on the topic / impact of the Great Depression on the American farming community/ could you please help me to select an appropriate theory.
AerielBrooks - / 1  
Mar 18, 2014   #5
Thesis to Answer "At What Point Does Technology become monstrous?"


I really need help wring a thesis on Frankenstein. What are Mary Shelley's views on Technology? I really need help on my final Paper. Someone Please Help.
Gustav02 1 / 5  
Mar 23, 2014   #6
Hello! You could also write about human or animal cloning which may cause imminent outcomes.

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