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My topic for a persuasive essay on the novel 1984 (help with topic and thesis)

I want my topic to be something to relate to the way in which Big Brother changes the way that the citizens think and stole all of their creative abilities.

So far I have this as a thesis,
By changing historical facts, projecting constant propaganda at the citizens, and censoring the media in which they do receive, Big Brother has stolen peoples right to think.


Erin, your subject seems interesting and challanging despite it is vague.
What does the "Big Brother" refer to? Is it the government of a country.
If it is, some country might change facts, harvest propaganda but we can not
generalize all the country in the world. If you are able to support with facts and
figures, then it is different story.

Citizens of most of the country have the constituational right to question their authority. If you link the
government propoganada , media censoring,and the peoples' valid question to the authority and their
results or finding related subject would be a good research, in my view.
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