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research help - should first aid in the national curriculum for schools?

Help - I am trying to do my dissertation project. I have chosen "should first aid be included in the compulsory curriculum for schools?" I am trying to find statistics for first aid in the UK and other countries.

I am having a few problems to be honest. I am a mature student and wish to become a paramedic. Unfortunately, in the UK, you now need a university degree to be trained as a paramedic. I only have two weeks to finish this project and have not made any headway aarrgg!



Are you looking for statistics on first aid courses in primary or secondary schools, or at the university level? Also, what sort of statistics are you looking for? I'm assuming something about how learning first aid in school is beneficial to students?

The best places to find this type of information are academic journal archive sites. For an academic paper, you'll want peer-reviewed articles to cite in your own paper. I would recommend something like JSTOR (jstor.org), or google scholar to research journal articles on your subject.
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