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'simulating the effects of blast waves on human bodies' - how to start my thesis?

ritchie 1 / 1  
Jan 7, 2012   #1
I am a graduate student Major Telecommunications, my thesis is about to simulating the effects of blast waves on human bodies , Given that my major is electrical engineering and my knowledge about mechanical waves is weak , I'm living in Iran and It 's difficult for me to access articles and books, can anyone help me for this approach to find out the differential equations of propagation of blast waves and interaction of blast waves in different media (solids, liquids & gases) & how can I simulate the contact of this waves to the deformable media.

Coriolis 1 / 5  
Jan 10, 2012   #2
This is a subject area way over my head.
Do you know if your local university has access to Jstor, scholar.google.com or journalseek.net? There are more sites, I would be happy to give you more. Please try those first.

Let me also ask, in general are you good/great with essays? You should be able to structure your essay with the information from those journals.
OP ritchie 1 / 1  
Jan 11, 2012   #3
hi dear,

thanks for your notes, i can't have full access to Jstor or springer & science direct , i found a handbook of shock waves in science direct & a book about " interaction of shock waves " but i can't buy these books (i'm in iran & i don't have credit card) & i don't know that these books are useful for my target

however i could to simulate this waves behavior in the skull & lung but i don't know how to simulate collision of this waves to the soft&deformable tissues like stomach ,liver ,...

i want to write a numerical program with matlab software to show this collision that show the incident wave, show the reflecting&transit waves & deformation of media
eshan - / 6  
Jan 31, 2012   #4
Hi there,

Well I think you should Google articles related to your topic. Lot has already been written and researched on this topic. Moreover, the fact that your english is week, you can always consult some online writing service. They normally have access to journals and might be of some help to you.


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