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The Flowers by Alice Walker, 4-5 Page Term Paper. Need help selecting a topic

I have a four to five page term paper to write on any short story I have read in my class. The one I decided with was The Flowers by Alice Walker. My issue at the moment is deciding on a topic and how I can narrow down things to write to answer the topic. I will have below some of the topics that I have narrowed down to.

•From any of the stories, select an object, or place, or action that seems clearly symbolic. Explain the symbolism behind what you've chosen. You may want to choose a symbol that recurs over the course of the story, and try to determine the importance of the symbol.

•Analyze and interpret the title's relevance from one of the stories? How is the title referenced in the story? How does the title affect the reading or understanding of the story?

•Choose a story and write an essay exploring how the protagonist evolves over the course of the story, providing evidence from the story to back up your argument.

Which one would you recommend?

Bianca, I would like to give you a warm welcome to EssayForum family. I hope you can give your best in improving your writing skill here, either posting essays or correcting others' essays. Since this post is only about asking opinion, I am certain that in the near future you are going to upload the progress of your essay in this website. Therefore, just do your best, do not hesitate to convey your feedback towards other members in this forum. I am pretty sure that as long as it is helpful and constructive, members and moderators in this website would appreciate your work.:)

By the way, I share the same opinion with Xuan. Exploring the story which focused on protagonist character would be nice, since most of well-known stories usually focus on the protagonist character much more frequent than any other antagonist characters. If your chosen short story is about The Flowers (Alice Walker), I think that would be matched the third prompt given. As I've read, if I am not mistaken, there are two characters in that story, the first one is Myop, and the second character is 'a tall man (unknown name)'. So, if you focus on the main character, who is also protagonist, then your 4-5 term paper will be developed smoothly.
Hi Bianca, I would like to share my thoughts on your confusing problem

First of all, the problem is not the topic of the paper, because you already decided that you are going to write the "Flowers by Alice Walker ", short story, this in itself, the topic of your paper. Now, this paper is like writing an analysis, the analysis of the short story.

Basically, what you need to write is how you understood the story, like writing a synopsis or something to that effect.
Moreover, as you have read the story, it should be an easy breezy writing.Pretty much, what I'm trying to say is that, choose the second option on the list of choices you have, this is easier to write, also, this way, you are able to express yourself properly, as you have read and comprehend the story.

I hope to review your analysis Bianca and post if here when you have your draft ready, so we can be able to assist you, should you need further enhancement.

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