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The Humphrey Fellowship Program - Essays questions clarification is needed

brightside 2 / 6  
Aug 27, 2020   #1

"The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship" Program - essay requirements


I hope you are safe and sound.

I would like to apply for "The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship" Program, and when I review the essays questions, I found them a little bet complicated. So, please, I need your clarification in three (3) of them.

Number 1: "Please describe how your work addresses the short and long-term needs of your country. Describe how the knowledge and skills you will gain through the Humphrey Fellowship will help you further address your country's needs." Is this the personal statement?

Number 2: "The Humphrey Fellowship focuses on public service and developing leaders who contribute to the greater good. Please describe how you have demonstrated a strong commitment to public service, for example through community engagement, civic involvement, or professional responsibilities."

Do "public service" include professional experience that addresses margenalized benificiaries who benifted from "capacity building" "reading", and "English language" free of charge training courses? Does it also include "voluntary work"?

Number 3: "Humphrey Fellows are required to take initiative to build a program plan by choosing academic and professional experiences that will help them achieve their professional goals. Please describe your professional goals for the next five years, provide details about the academic and professional experiences that you would choose when designing your Humphrey Fellowship, and explain how these experiences will help you achieve your goals." What do they mean by "academic and professional experiences that you would choose when designing your Humphrey Fellowship", am I going to design a program?[/b]

[b]Many thanks in advance for your clarification and I'm very sorry for bothing you with so many questions!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,377 3372  
Aug 28, 2020   #2
1. No, this is not a personal statement question. Rather, this question relates more to the motivational aspect of your studies. You are expected to address your professional goals in this essay as it relates to any specific government programs or projects that apply to your occupation.

2. Yes, all of the specifications you mentioned fall under public service. However, you need to make sure that you respond to the essay using leadership qualifications rather than mere group participation or assistant roles. Team Leader responsibilities would be a big plus in this discussion.

3. The program has specific course focuses and requirements. These have a vast array of applications when it comes to your professional requirements. As the potential scholar, you should know what your academic focus should be in relation to the subjects you need to study or specific academic requirements in relation to your professional development. As you complete the course, you should explain how you will be rolling out your acquired knowledge within the workplace. Yes, the time frame is 5 years. Normally, a mid-range career plan presentation would work best in this scenario. Yes, you have to design your learning program in relation to the program. Focus on 2 things for your program development:

1. Professional goals
2. Academic requirements in relation to the professional goals.

Keep the new questions coming if you need to. Responding to you isn't a bother at all.
OP brightside 2 / 6  
Aug 28, 2020   #3
Dear Holt,

Thanks a lit for your detailed & prompt response.

I just have a question, how should I know what academic requirements I can include while the university i will be sent to is unknown to me? For candidates can't choose their courses or universities in this fellowship, the committee makes the choice. However, i know the names of the host universities. Do you want to say that I've to check the host universities' courses & include the majors

I want to study in my application?

What about the enrichment activities? How shall I know what type of activities are available?

Additionally, regarding the short/long term plans & contributions of the fellowship to my country, the answer's limit is only 1200 characters, shall i write short answers? e.g: the fellowship activities will advance my skills, bla bla? Without being specific because of the characters limit.

My last question is, I believe some essays answers have similar examples, is it okay? Such as the leadership & initiative question, and also addressing short and long term needs.

I'm really so grateful for your efforts Holt ..


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