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Does my new essay have to be merged with my old one?


In the link above , my another new essay was merged into the old one. The old one is less than half the length of the new one. Only first two paragraphs are same in the 1st essay. The rest are all new info that I want to be reviewed.

Please unmerge the essay if it possible. I would lie to hear from you soon.

Thanks in advance.


Jul 8, 2015   #2
1. You created two usernames to avoid helping other students; if you continue your IP will be suspended.

2. Essays on the same topic must be posted in one thread, regardless of their length.

Thanks for the reply.

1. I made a new account as my first one was locked for some reason that I wasn't made aware of. You can check my old account for the answers I made. I always reply within the rules of the forum. If I did something wrong I am willing to correct it. But I need to do know what was wrong. Can you link me to the forum rules?

2. Can you explain what is same topic?

Is SOP for College X is the same topic as SOP for College Y?

Please help me understand what I did wrong so I can stick to the rules of the Forum.

Thanks again.
Jul 8, 2015   #4
1. The meaningless post/s were removed; we don't want to host useless messages in other students' threads. Once they were removed, your account was suspended. Read the TOS (link in the footer) for more details.

2. It may be a different college but you used a lot of the SAME sentences in both essays. For example, the paragraph that starts with:

"{COLLEGE} strong emphasis on core courses will develop my foundation on different functions, including finance and strategy..."

IF the essays were completely different, they could belong in separate threads; but since you've copied the same parts in both essays, they have been merged.

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