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Some questions about likes here on EF.

Hiddengrace 6 / 118 68  
Feb 10, 2016   #1
I just don't understand this, so maybe someone can help explain this to me. It's not remotely a pressing issue; I'm just curious and wondering why the like system works the way it does. I know that we're not here to be rewarded with likes, but rather to support and help others. However, it is nice to see that your comments are appreciated, helpful and supportive. These questions have come to mind and I thought I'd post them. Hopefully a more seasoned contributor or member of the admin team can clarify these questions for me.

Why can't we like other people's responses/ posts/ critiques/ edits/ etc... if we think they are relevant and helpful? Sometimes I just want to like up someone else's comments when I think they have made excellent edits, covered everything I had thought of, and I don't see anything else to add. It seems strange to me that only the OP and admin/ EF team are allowed to make likes. As volunteers/ editors/ what have you, I think we can be responsible with likes and support the help given by our fellow contributors/ editors. So maybe there is something I haven't thought of as to why this is not allowed?

If we post multiple comments in one thread and work with someone on their essay over time, why can't we earn likes for all of the posts that we make if they continue to be relevant and helpful? I see many people working over time to help people revise the same essay. It seems to me that if someone is continuing to help edit an essay through multiple drafts, and is continually making meaningful comments, they should be able to earn multiple likes as a "reward" for their diligence and support here on EF. I can see how this could be abused- people breaking down responses into multiple shorter posts just to earn likes, and having to remove likes given to abusers makes more work for the admin team. But it just seems odd to me. So again, maybe some clarity on this question would be helpful.

I've loved editing essays in the short time I've been here, and I really admire the supportive community here. Thanks so much in advance for your answers.
EssayAdmin - / 6  
Feb 10, 2016   #2
Contributors can like all posts too :) - we'd be happy to set you up as a Contributor (please check the link in the footer). The reason we don't allow too much 'liking' is to prevent abuse (it's not only about giving short posts to learn likes, but also about opening multiple accounts and giving 'self-likes.' We tested it in different scenarios and concluded the way it currently works, althought not ideal, is optimal in the long term.
NourNour 22 / 39 7  
Feb 10, 2016   #3
Thank you for raising this point Katheryn. I have another enquiry. A couple weeks ago, I had few likes; they were four. Then after few days I have found that I have no likes at all. I am not here to collect likes but I was wondering since I got them why would someone else omit them.
caro5ca 2 / 8 1  
Feb 25, 2016   #4
Hello Katheryn! This is not in regards to this post , but I do not know how else to contact you. You recently helped me a lot with an essay I wrote and I really wanted to thank you for that because you gave me so much useful feedback that made me do an entirely new essay which I think has more potential than the first. That being said, I could really use your critic for my second essay. I do not know if it is legal to ask for help, but I might as well try. Hope you can consider this inquiry! Have a nice day

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