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A career in Physical Therapy: 2010-2011 DPT PTCAS Admissions ESSAY

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Sep 15, 2010   #1
It needs to be shortened and edited!! HELP! Constructive criticism is welcomed.

The choice to pursue a career in Physical Therapy isn't an easy decision to achieve. One must analyze all aspects of the career and embark on a series of self reflective processes that allow them to completely dedicate themselves to such a field. Physical Therapy is not only a rewarding career in itself, but it contributes to the individual in practice. It contributes to the individual's overall self by building character, improving problem solving skills, and sharpening and assessing ones judgment. A single practicing therapist isn't expected to know everything there is to know about Physical Therapy. Every patient they encounter will contribute to their knowledge thus allowing them to learn more as they progress in their respective fields.

The Purpose
After I have observed several Therapists in their working environment, I came to the conclusion that therapy is more than what it appears to be on the surface. The extra step that an elderly woman takes, or the higher a man who suffered a stroke raises his arm is the true reward that lies beneath the surface. The ability for a patient to realize that they can surpass the insurmountable and with the support of an enthusiastic and optimistic therapist is another reward that lies beneath the surface. As soon as I witnessed what was occurring in the rehabilitation setting I pledged a silent oath that I would make this career a major aspect of my life.

We as human beings often bask in our shortcomings and lose sight of the strength and ability that the human body allows us. As an aspiring Physical Therapist I believe that shedding light on these forgotten strengths will change each patient one by one. Several characteristics that set me apart from other students are my abilities to see beyond what is laid in plain sight. Also, my desire to ask why and research various problems until I attain an answer is another aspect. My tendency to question most things is my driving force to helping my future patients. I have desires to reach an understanding as to why people behave the way they do or why hasn't anyone found a solution to a given problem. I strive to set myself apart from those who "fit the mold" and in that respect I seek to leave a legacy and an impact on those around me. I believe these are vital attributes that will help me advance in the career of physical therapy and impact the wellness community on a national and ultimately a global level.

The Practice
I have observed therapy in a nursing home and in a standard rehabilitation center and there were several aspects that were noticeably different. The elderly patients in the nursing home required a significant amount of assistance and physical attention rather than the patients in the rehabilitation center. My experience in the nursing home comprised of passive physical therapy and treatment rather than active. I often worked with stroke patients so I performed their flexions and extension for them. Whereas in the standard rehabilitation setting patients were more active in that they performed stretching, strengthening exercises, pain relief exercises and low-impact aerobic conditioning. In the nursing home we focused more on the reacquisition and retention of fine and gross motor skills in hopes that these elderly patients can once again become self sufficient and return to living home alone. I sustained my faith in every patient, even the meekest.

I truly believe that the most rewarding aspects of a physical therapy student are being a part of a practicing environment. Having the ability to witness and understand each patient's individual story, helps the therapist target and execute their missions in the most effective manner. It is also important to build relationships with patients so that they can participate in therapy with a positive attitude.

The Career
As my journey as an aspiring Physical Therapist progressed, I have decided on specific career goals that compliments my character and sparks my interests. I would like to enter the world of athletic training and conditioning. During my career I would like to study and observe an athlete's various movements and target joint movement specifically, then develop methods of increasing agility and skill while minimizing injury.

It has always been my desire and passion to educate those about the various angles and aspects of physical therapy. Most people will have to attend physical therapy in their lives for rehabilitation, and it is necessary that they understand the importance of participating in therapy when needed. Patients can do this by: contributing as much effort as possible during their sessions, utilizing advice and strategies delegated by the therapist, and keeping healthy habits and taking part in preventative measures. I intend on using my education to improve the health care community by working alongside the American Physical Therapy Association to conduct health and wellness fairs, physical and sports training sessions, and Physical Therapy education seminars open to the community.

Bridging the gaps between people and their health care providers is important to me and I intend are executing all tasks to assure that this occurs. The various methods that I will use to improve health care in the community will uplift the community and bring its people together towards a common goal. Eliminating ignorance and doubt will bring about change and increase the quality of life for the community and its people.

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Sep 18, 2010   #2
The tense is mixed up here, and thee is unnecessary capitalization... and...put an s on the end of environments:
After I have observed several Therapists therapists in their working environments, I came ...

I guess I have to leave it up to you to shorten it. You have to find one sentence to kill in each paragraph. This essay does have some excess meat on its bones... needs trimming:

Bridging the gaps between people and their health care providers is important to me, and I intend are executing all tasks to assure that this occurs.

The second half of this essay seems much more energized and interesting than the first half.
:-) so cut from the first half.

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