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Evaluate my statement of purpose for MS in electrical engineering, UC Berkeley

mounikab 1 / -  
Dec 5, 2016   #1
I, Mounika Bommareddy, am applying to University of California, Berkley for the admission to Master's Program in Electrical Engineering with specialization in the field of VLSI. My interest in electronics developed during my high school years. The qualifying space of the electronics had always made me wonder about the technology in it. Growing curiosity and a proclivity for physics and mathematics saw me opting for Electronics and Communication Engineering. From then started my understanding of the domain which slowly and gradually grew into admiration and then a strong passion.

I got confirmed to Gayatri Vidya Parishad college of engineering, one of the reputed institutions in the state through an entrance exam & by merit. During these 4 years, I learned Subjects like-Electronics Devices & Circuits, Pulse & Digital Circuits, Programming in C, Digital & Linear Integrated Circuits and their applications, Switching theory and logic design, Microprocessors and microcontrollers, VLSI Design, Computer Networks and Digital Signal, image Processing, Digital design through Verilog . These subjects triggered my research instincts when I realized I am really excited about the prospects of me being a part of such research.

This undergraduate program has provided me a strong foundation and has brought about considerable maturity in my outlook. I was skillful to precisely absorb the information and easily implement it in various projects. While my performance was excellent in all subjects throughout my graduation, I was effectively fascinated by VLSI design. And due to strong inclination for VLSI design, I have done my major projects in this domain. My project was design and implementation of full adder-subtractor using reversible logic on Cadence virtuoso tool . The project implements a full adder-subtractor by using Feynman gate and HNG gates. All the gates are designed using the CMOS 45 um technology.

More importantly, the project also presented to me the wide possibilities of the technology and left me desirous of learning more. The strong prediliction guided me in the last semester as well when I opted for some back end courses on VLSI. My many projects which were a key step towards implementing my theoretical knowledge were the implementation of different counters, 7 segment display, static RAM using various HDL's. After studying 8086 microprocessor as a semester subject, I gained the knowledge of assembly language and I have designed a stepper motor control and status display in assembly language using Kiel and Flip.

My technical aptitude and acumen put me in the top place and I was the designated Event Coordinator of the "Green Tech" during the department's state level technology festival- ESAYOGA. I have presented a powerpoint presentation on topics like blue eyes technology, haptic technology at different universities as a part of the technical paper presentation. My participation further added to my mental aptitude the skills like teamwork, leadership, and communication. Under IEEE, I have volunteered the two-day PCB design and fabrication workshop held at our campus. As a part of the industrial internship program , I have attended the Defense Research and Development Organization and worked on the mini project of "performance of various wifi bands". In my final year of under graduation, I secured a job at Tata Consultancy Services, a leading IT company.

In a decade from now, I envisage myself as a research scientist in one of the best research laboratories. I understand that M.S is very important for my goal , henceforth my short-term goal is to do M.S in a good University

The Masters's Program in Electrical Engineering with special emphasis on VLSI Design from University of California, Berkley is the perfect match for my career aspirations. I am impressed by the extensive curriculum, high knowledgeable faculty, and the excellent research facilities the institute offers. A graduate education that would enable me to pursue what I have aspired for. I hope to fulfill my ambition at the university , which I consider one of the best to pursue graduate studies.

I totally understand the kind of dedication, perseverance and resolve a graduate program calls for and I believe that I have the ability and determination to tread on this path. I am certain that I will be able to cope with the rigors of an International curriculum with ease. My determination to succeed and do well will enable me to be among the better students of your college. I do hope that I'll be given a fair chance to realize my objectives by being granted an admission. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the University
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15043 4827  
Dec 5, 2016   #2
Mounika, your presentation is that of an affidavit and not an essay. Please revise your opening statement because you need not introduce yourself in a manner that makes it seems like you are taking an oath of public office. You are only applying for admission to MS school. The format you have chosen to open the essay with is wrong. Just simply open with a statement that indicates your purpose for higher study. Be direct to the point and do not make references to your high school education.

In order to properly develop your essay there are a number of things that you have to do. First, we have to remove the wordiness of your essay. Second, we have to focus on your professional experience if any. Third, we need to present your current qualifications. Fourth, your post study plans covering 5 years at least. Finally, the reasons why you chose to apply to UC Berkley.

For your first paragraph, state your purpose for higher studies immediately. Relate it to your current work experience in order to solidify the reason for your interest in MS studies. Makes sure that the progression of academic training is consistent with the current work you are doing and any future work you may find yourself doing. Do not be too detailed in the college section. Instead, highlight your work experience, which I hope you have because work experience is vital to MS studies.

Your second paragraph, needs to explain what your thesis statement will be. Upon that presentation, you will be able to discuss how UC Berkley fits into your plan to develop this research paper. This is the section where you should show a keen interest in the course offerings, research facilities, and notable professors of the university who are working in the same line as you and possibly, developing research similar to yours. Indicate a strong desire to complete your studies at UC Berkley because of these reasons.

The third paragraph, should explain your immediate, short term career plan in relation to your studies. Are you applying because you are hoping to be promoted on the job? Possibly switch careers? Or are you just doing this for personal academic advancement? Be clear in this paragraph and make sure that the plans you present are impressive.

A fourth paragraph will just be necessary in order to wrap up your discussion. Reiterate your interest to enroll in the upcoming semester at the university and assure them that you are more than capable of completing the course of study because of your previous academic, work, and research interests / activities.

Remember, this is not a formal affidavit. This is a statement of purpose. You do not need to state your name at the start, nor swear to anything. Just follow this outline and your essay will sound more like a statement of purpose.

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