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"your interest in the social work profession" - Master of Social Work essay

Oct 30, 2010   #1
a) Describe your interest in the social work profession. What motivates you to do social work? What experiences have
you had in serving others? Has anyone been a role model for you? b) What attracts you to Union University's MSW program? Discuss your motivation to pursue the MSW degree. c) Discuss a social problem that concerns you and why. How does that social problem relate to issues of diversity, social

justice, or at-risk populations?

In 1992, my sister and I were in my parent's room watching television with them. In the distance, we heard a commotion outside. My Mother went to the window just as my Father opened the front door. There stood my five cousins ranging from 4 to 7 years of age. They were standing on the front porch crying, upset, and most of all confused. My father ushered them into the house. With my sister and I close behind him, He exited the house. After an aggressive exchange of words with the children's daddy, my father retrieved the children's clothes from the street and reentered the house. His brother-in-law, our uncle, my mother's brother abandoned his five children on our doorstep. In that instance, my life as a child and carefree 6th grader changed completely.

Over the next 11 years, my family attempted to assimilate and rebuild the broken foundation in my cousin's lives. During this time, our lives began to reshape as well. I learned the meaning of sacrifice and gratitude. I was taught the importance of family and forgiveness. I believe my interest and motivation to do social work emerged through my sense of obligation and inclination to help those who can't help themselves. I have been privileged to have a great deal of experience serving others. I have also volunteered in numerous mentoring programs, church community outreach events and youth centers.

My most profound service experience involved a close family member. In 1996, my father's brother, Mr. Johnny "Mac" Hightower was diagnosed with cancer. My uncle was a very optimistic and encouraging person. He and my father were very close. Each day, I watched in adoration as my father patiently interacted with his brother. After building trailers homes all day, he still managed ran errands and spent time with him. My father never made him feel like an inconvenience or that his opinions were any less important. In retrospect, I am honored to have assisted my father in caring for him until his demise in 2001. In addition to his responsibilities as husband, father, and uncle, my father is also my role model. Through our countless discussions about life and the importance of character, I am a more tolerant person. I am very grateful for both my parents. Through their many self-sacrificing acts, I am inspired to serve my community with similar passion.

I have chosen to apply to the Master of Social Work program at Union University because I have been a Union Bulldog for the last 2 years. As a student at the Germantown campus, I have grown immensely personally and spiritually. The Christian worldview and atmosphere has been unlike any other colligate encounter I have ever experienced. It has been instrumental in my decision to further my education. I am inspired to be the missing link for those in need of a connection. I want to be a beacon light to help guide those in darkness through the appropriate channels to the best of my ability. Therefore, I am motivated to pursue a Master of Social Work degree to enhance the quality of life for others as well as myself.

The term quality of life is often used to assess the general well being of people and society. Domestic abuse is a soaring social problem. It radically affects the quality of life for all involved. Recently, a close childhood friend was the victim of domestic abuse. She is the mother of three beautiful girls. We often walk in the park while the girls play. We never discussed the abuse. One evening, while babysitting her eldest daughter expressed her discontent with the situation. She assured me that the abuse was solely directed towards her mother. Soon after our conversation, my friend confided in me about her situation. With the support of her family, she was able to leave. My lingering concern is for her children. They were exposed to this form of cruelty, just as thousands of other innocent children. They carry a greater risk of being abused themselves or the abuser. This unhealthy cycle must stop. I am hopeful that admission to the Master of Social Work program at Union University will equip me with the proper tools to help build a brighter tomorrow.

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