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Petroleum engineering: how you would add diversity to the graduate class?

I was applying for a graduate course in petroleum engineering in stanford & came across this question. I have drafted an answer to this question. Could you please advice me if I answered it correctly.

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Question: How would factors such as your background, work and life experiences, special interests, culture, socioeconomic status, race,or ethnicity contribute to the diversity of the entering class, and hence to the experience of your Stanford classmates? Please describe these factors and their relevance.

My Answer: I have worked in the engineering activities of Coal-fired & Gas-fired Power Plants, Oil refineries, Chemical plants and Oil storage & Produced water treatment units.

Whenever I do a task, I always thrive to contribute something of my own to it and also ask other team members to try to practice this in their daily routines. During my project semester, I devised & developed a software "WHEELZ" to evaluate steering geometry which reduces manual work. During my stay at Siemens, Technip & CH2M HILL, I created various utilities for CAD softwares which reduces human effort considerably.

If selected, I would like to share my work experience and propagate this practice to my graduate class fellows also.
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Nov 14, 2010   #2
Hey, I think they want to know a few of your personal qualities. And they might be more interested to know about your qualities that are not related to technical domain, like some good quality from culture or some special interest of yours that might be unique.

In short, I would write something that is outside my study program, and that is helpful for society or fellow students.

Rest is yours, all the best
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Nov 19, 2010   #3
I agree with Lina927. The prompt is a question about "diversity." It is okay to mention your work, and it is especially great if you mention different types of people with whom you worked -- people from various cultures, people with disabilities, people of both genders, etc.

Most importantly, express tyour interest in embracing diverse cultures and viewpoints.

The answer you gave is good, but you should change it so that it focuses on diversity.

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