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Professional opportunity, professional goal(s) and how it envisioned - SOP for submitting MAIDP

SHanafi 120 / 415 93  
Mar 9, 2015   #1
Tell us what led you to be interested in the field of International Disaster Psychology and discuss your understanding of the professional opportunities that would be available to a psychologist trained in this area. Be sure to indicate your ultimate professional goal(s) and how you envision your path to accomplish that/those goal(s).

Become a disaster psychology professionals, my dreams would more convince recently since some emergency voluntaries I did. While I envisioned a future of educational excellence, and I plan pursue an MA in international disaster psychology.

The area of disaster psychology has begun to develop since 1990s whereas, throughout the globe, the need of disaster mental health workforce is increasing. Unfortunately, the professionals' availability are insufficient. Australian institute of health and welfare, in 2012, showed number of full-time-equivalent-psychologist (FTE) working at the mental health service was 84.6 FTE psychologist per 100,000 population. In America, the area mental health workforce has strikingly raised. In recent decades, American Psychological Association (APA) through Disaster Response Network (DRN) together with American Red Cross (ARC) had begun adequate disaster mental health assistance in size and effectively trained and supported.

However, In Indonesia the stipulating area in disaster has started since the large scale of Earthquake and Tsunami hitting Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) and North Sumatera 2004, claiming the lives of 165,708 people and inflicting property loses of 4.45 IDR trillion. Since the notorious effects of its hazard, in 2008, National Disaster Management Coordinating Agency or Badan Nasonal Penganggulangan Bencana (BNPB) in Bahasa, is formed by the Indonesian government. Meanwhile six universities also raise its awareness in providing disaster master grade programs, but unless master applied of disaster psychology in University of Indonesia no program as yet concentrated in the area of disaster psychology. Those aforementioned evidences can be proved that the development areas of disaster psychology are raising steadily, and need for the licensed and experienced professionals would increase too.

Looking through the immediate demand of professional of disaster psychological professionals, I would fortunate for looking through this area as my career pathway. Holding master degree this would open my opportunity to share my knowledge and experience as a lecture in the area of disaster psychology. Indonesia as another country has abundance professional workforce holding master degree however for those who gain international licensed and experienced are still limited. Moreover, experiencing study in United States enable me for gaining appropriate certification that I can use to join some voluntaries beneath Disaster Mental Health Team (DMHT), ARC.

While I ponder to envision my career goals within MA International Disaster Psychology (MAIDP), University of Denver, I would well-trained to be disaster mental health professionals as in fact, APA Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) already bestowed MAIDP program of its prize. Education is the effective way for me to overcome the hazardous effect of disaster. The paradigm of relieving, reducing and recovering the survivors' mental health state is changing to the educating people for mitigating the upcoming disaster, and this is what I am going to do further.
lynzee22 - / 90 37  
Mar 18, 2015   #2
Overall, it is very good. There are just a few sentences were you focus a lot on the demand, which is important to mention that you are aware of that, but you only need to state that once. Here are some suggestions for this issue.

Unfortunately, the professionals' availability are insufficient

Looking through the immediate demand of professionalat the opportunities forof disaster psychological professionals,

This was just a quick read through again, but be careful with that kind of language.

Another thing, if you are from Indonesia, say so. Make it personal for you. You don't have to change much in that paragraph, just note that being from that country, you have a strong sense of duty to help your people. Or something like that.

Overall you are doing great, especially for an ESL student. Keep it up!

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