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My propensity towards data-driven systems and computer-based application - Data science masters SOP

anurag2509 1 / -  
Dec 15, 2020   #1

SOP for masters in Data science

One thing that has driven success in almost every field in terms of technological advancement is data-driven decisions. If one were to observe the impact caused due to this: from self-driving cars to seamless customer experience, this very fact makes me want to dive deep into this field more than ever now. I am extremely confident and diligent to devote my career to stay abreast in the field and also contribute to my fullest potential. Moreover, due to my educational background, relevant work experience, and career interest, I strongly believe that it's a true time to pursue higher education in data science.

Following my propensity towards data-driven systems and computer-based application, I pursued my engineering degree in Computer Science from Savitribai-Phule University. Here I went through intensive learning theoretical as well as practical in vital concepts of Data Structures, Statistics, and programming languages like java, python, etc. During my graduation, following my interests, I took some additional subjects of "Data Mining Techniques and Applications" and "High-Performance Computing". This laid the foundation for my knowledge and further growth in the field. To gain more hands-on experience, I did some additional projects including email analysis using mapR (ENRON dataset) and intrusion detection system (DARPA 2009). These projects helped in securing a coveted internship at DataTorrent as a Research Intern. In conclusion to my internship, I published a research paper at an International IEEE conference titled "Performance enhancement of apache APEX". This internship allowed me to gauge the applications of data analysis and machine learning in real-world scenarios. Also, it was an eye-opener in terms of the criticality of these data-driven systems in today's world. Therefore, I wish to delve deeper into the field of Data Science and to contribute to this area of research.

During my undergraduate, I was appointed as Secretary of the "Open Source Software '' club at my college. The club was responsible for conducting technical events and promoting a culture towards open-source software. I have been an active member of the open-source software community and have contributed minor patch-backs to very well known analytics python libraries like sklearn, pandas. In collaboration with an external company TechTrunk, I conducted a 3-day workshop on "Distributed Computing and Analytics using Hadoop Ecosystem". As secretary, to further facilitate usability and promote research in the field, I set up a cluster of multiple nodes in the college's innovation lab, which was very well received.

After my undergraduate, I was selected on campus for a highly competitive position at HSBC Software Development Pvt. Ltd in the client operations team, where I further ingrained and polished my skills in the analytics field. During my tenure at HSBC, I have worked on multiple advanced analytics projects ranging from predictive modeling to conversational chatbots. Apart from company projects, I challenged myself to learn and do projects in different subdomains of analytics. I have created tutorials and projects like lyrics-generator using natural language generation (lstm) and mood-detector. These side projects helped in expanding my breadth in the field. I also participated in many hackathons in the firm and also won many of them, including one global hackathon. These experiences were very enriching and helped in understanding the real-world practicality of analytics and the enormous scope of profitableness.

Earlier this year when I joined Mckinsey & Company as a Data Scientist, I got an excellent opportunity to hone my skills and give back to the community as well. I joined the product team of OptimusAI and worked on multiple optimization projects. Here I learned the importance of code quality, time, and space complexity in developing and designing data science solutions. Having realized the significance of community-based driven learning, I expanded my roots deep in the community to give back in one way or the other. I joined ODSC (Open Data Science Conference) Apac as a speaker and attendee as well. Since then I have been an active member of meetups organized under ODSC Delhi-Chapter and have delivered talks in some of the virtual meetups. These also motivated me to write technical blogs in the data science space. I started writing blogs on Medium (link). Due to an excellent response, I received on my blogs, I was approached by AnaltyticsVidhya (an Analytics based education company) asking to publish blogs under their title. Since then, I have written blogs and received engaging responses on multiple topics like Gradient descent, Markov clustering, etc. Writing and reading blogs serve a dual purpose, helps me keep myself abreast of the latest and recent developments in my interest domain, and also helps in sharing knowledge.

I have built strong foundations in the field of computer science through my highly demanding undergraduate program. I had chosen my electives meticulously to drive knowledge in my areas of interest. Further, I have acquired extensive knowledge and reinforced the essentials in the respective field through practical applications and work. At this moment, I feel to take my skills and proficiency to the next level. As a Data Scientist, I wish to contribute to the research and development field of Data science that would benefit not only other people in the same field but also to help solve more complex problems with rather ease and better efficiency.

Under the supreme guidance of the faculty of EPFL, I believe I would be empowered to hone my analytical and technical skills. I would also like to experience the cultural diversity and take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities on the beautiful campus in Lausanne. Towards the end, I sincerely request you to provide me admission to your prestigious institute for MS in Data Science.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,881 4564  
Dec 15, 2020   #2
There is a problem with this essay. Though you fulfilled the academic and technical requirements for the course, even adding your notable accomplishments, which made the statement impressive in terms of qualifications, there is no actual purpose being indicated within. Though you meant your first paragraph to inform the reader of a purpose for your studies, you only succeeded in presenting an observation of what can be achieved within this field. You failed to represent your personal interests for taking the masters course. There should be 2 separate paragraphs in this essay that represent the purpose. The first, is your academic goal for studies in relation to your future career path. The second, is a reference to your potential masters thesis that would help reiterate your academic and professional interests as it relates to your potential to contribute to this field both locally and internationally. Along with this purpose, you should also have referred, in more expanded terms, about how and why you chose to study at EPFL. Your reference to that is too shallow, narrow minded, and without any reference to the potential importance of the university in the field of masters study that you have chosen. You should edit the essay to balance your discussion out. Try to limit your other information to only the most impressive and relevant ones. You need not refer to every little accomplishment you have. Only the ones that actually relate to your academic prowess, the importance of your undergraduate thesis, and how these, along with possible notable internships, have helped you become an accomplished professional today.

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