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Reasons for choosing IPCV as field of interest and as program of study

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Jan 19, 2019   #1

Ipcv letter of motivation

1000 words

The motivation letter is of critical importance. You should explain to the Selection Committee how your experience, qualifications and 'personal qualities' make you an excellent candidate for the Master Program. The motivation letter must include the following information:

Reasons for choosing IPCV as field of interest
Reasons for choosing IPCV as program of study

I intend to pursue research in the areas of Image Processing and Computer Vision with applications in medical image processing and diagnostics. Studying a master's program in image processing and computer vision is the best way to reach my goal. My education has trained me on the basics of signal processing and soft computing. Currently I am working on data acquisition and data analysis using Python based tools.

During Bachelor's, my interests in soft computing techniques led me to take up courses like Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Networks. To further explore my interest I worked on biomedical signal analysis and classification with fuzzy logic using Matlab. However, my interest in Computer Vision and Image Processing began while studying the biomedical instrumentation course during my Master's. Being familiar with the concepts in signal processing, I studied image processing. Thereafter to further my understanding of the subject, I attended online courses and workshops. Also, having explored the Matlab based tools, I practised Image Processing using the same.

My strong technical acumen gave me the confidence to work on my Master's thesis project on Medical Image Analysis. I worked on skin cancer detection by automated analysis dermoscopy images with a dataset of about 2000 images using Matlab and Python. My projects provided me with hands-on experience in reading scientific journals and implementing algorithms in the areas of skin lesion segmentation, hair detection and image classification and using tools like image processing tools in Matlab and Python. While implementing and testing the algorithms, I also learnt various techniques for using Parallel Programming and GPU computing in Matlab and Python.

I joined SSS lab of ABC , after my master's degree. My current role involves designing and developing software systems to acquire data from sensors. I also took on tasks involving Machine Learning and data analysis. As a part of my work, I developed a system for predicting the *** from the historical data and had also worked for another project on data pre-processing pipeline. During the initial period at ABC , I have gained extensive experience working on a large scale software customization and integration project with five other developers , using C++ and Java toolkits.

With my present skills I could do projects involving image processing and machine learning. The courses in data mining , deep learning and optimisation would provide me with an in-depth understanding of the mathematical foundations. I plan on developing systems that can assist in health care specifically in computer aided surgery and diagnosis. By studying the track 'vision and devices' , I plan to enrich my knowledge about biomedical signal processing, and imaging systems. I want to explore further in the field of imaging based applications in healthcare by working with the faculty at Budapest, specifically on real-time imaging systems based on ultrasound and optoacoustics.

I believe that my education and my experience in signal processing, image processing and programming will enable me to develop mastery in Image Processing and Computer Vision and I am confident that I will excel in the Master's program.
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Jan 21, 2019   #2
Pazhanivel, there is a strong reference to your practical research skills in this motivation letter. That is good for your application. The problem, is that you lack a reference to your "personal qualities" that will help you become a successful student and researcher in this field. The prompt also wants to get to know your "people" skills. That is, how you interact with people valuable to acquiring research information. As a masters degree student in this field, the tendency of the student will be to be a bit short tempered and pressed for time. How do you handle difficult situations such as those? Those are part of the "personal qualities" that the reviewer is interested in knowing about. For example, if you are working while studying, then you end up with a work and class deadline that falls on the same date, how would you approach resolving the issue? These are examples of people skills that are valuable to a masters student.

You have to strengthen your reasons for interest in this field and program of study. These need to be related to both your undergraduate and current profession in order to prove a path moving forward for you in this field. Your interest in the track is related to both prompt requirements and should include additional information to help increase the interest. The motivational reasons need to be as detailed as your research skills representation in this essay. Motivations should include the inadequacy of the current technology in this field and how you hope to improve that part of the profession. That is the jumping off point for your motivation. Widen the explanation from there in relation to academic and professional goals on your part.

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