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Statement of Purpose for my Grad studies Admission - USM

Snazzydoa 1 / 1  
Aug 8, 2019   #1
Someone should help review my Statement of Purpose

University of Southern Mississippi sop

Science is an area I loved so much due to the flair I had for Mathematics and Physics back in my High school days. I enjoy solving and relaying complex problems with my colleagues as well as the senior students which had quite improved my analytical skills and broaden my skillsets towards the subjects. I was also very keen about taking exercises that directly relates to maps, their interpretations as well as relating with happenings around me which made me delve into my first-degree course of study.

During my first degree, I took some elective courses in Hydrography, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Special Studies in Remote Sensing and other courses relating to Principles of Geographical Information Science. All these courses have assisted one way or the other to strengthen my interest in Locational intelligence and how eases the process of planning and mapping onshore and offshore.

My school, University of Lagos is bordered at its end by the Lagos Lagoon which served as a practice field when it comes to practical Hydrography Science. One out of the many projects executed during my first degree was the mapping of some parts of the Lagos Lagoon with the use of Echo sounders as well as other hydrographical equipment provided by our department and the data acquired were processed using HYPACK software. The software was beneficial in the display of the topography of the sea bed as well as the analyses of what is underneath.

Publishing of map services to ArcGIS server, field validation and ground enumeration, the creation of survey plans, creating watershed, topographical, land use maps, dredging and mining surveys are some of the skills and experiences I gained during my six months internship. Presently, I work with a team to carry out flood risk modeling of Lagos State to produce vulnerability maps and to develop a flood propagation model consisting of a hydrologic model and a flow hydraulics model.

My enthusiasm for software development influenced my final year thesis, which was the title: "Development of a Routine Image Processing Software using MATLAB." It involved stages such as the requirement stage, development stage as well as the deployment stages. At the moment the software can be used to perform basic image processing exercises and have been installed in the Central Remote sensing Laboratory in school for further development. The developed software would ease the processing time other sophisticated ones in the market takes and would also add to the innovation which has surfaced in my department over the years.

Outside the classroom, I regularly engage in various kinds of extracurricular activities; in school, I was part of a tutorial committee that teaches students the operations of various surveying equipment the department has from my third year till 2018. Furthermore, I held the position of Assistant General Secretary in Nigeria Institute of Surveying and Geoinformatics Students (NISGS) for a year and was held of the committee that organized the first Survey Camp the school ever had. Throughout my years in school, I was a member of the department's football and scrabble team which helped me developed my interpersonal relationship skills. During my spare time, I love watching football matches and tech-movies.

Hydrography science is essential in world development as significant developments, and explorations are moving towards our water bodies, the applicability of spatial data is going hell for leather and can be applied in aspects of transportation, port citation, oil rig construction, maintenance of sea walls, business process workflow, incorporating systems and many more. There is no planning or development in the marine environment without the application of Hydrographical science.

I'm optimistic that my post-graduate studies from a school like the University of Southern Mississippi with the interesting course modules would secure my career path and open doors for me to achieve greater things in life.

The possibility of being a part of the student Oceanography society and studying an internationally recognized graduate program excites me, coupled with the fact that the campus is a stone's throw from the city center, commuting will be a lot easier, and I can explore other parts of the city. Becoming a student of USM Graduate School would open vistas of opportunities and experiences which would forever benefit me.

With the knowledge and skills I obtain at USM, I am looking forward to the possibility that I can make a positive impact towards the development or improvement of my environment no matter where I find myself, achieving my goals and enhance my career prospects.

Maria [Contributor] - / 952 342  
Aug 10, 2019   #2
Hi! I'll review this essay for you. I hope this helps you in revising your work for the betterment of your application.

While it's alright to have everything from a personified point of view, it would be better if you could evade using too many "Is" in your text. The excessive usage makes your essay appear to be more cluttered than it actually is. This makes your text quite difficult to grasp due to length and structure. Modifying these lines would put your readers more at ease with reading your content.

Furthermore, you need to be cautious of the technicalities of your writing. Simplifying your sentences and language is a good first step in order to assist you in curating more substantive information with a smaller cluster of text.
OP Snazzydoa 1 / 1  
Aug 15, 2019   #3

Thanks, would do that now.

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