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Jan 17, 2022   #1
I want to apply for Ms statistics in universities in the USA. Kindly review my statement of purpose. Thank you!

Statement of purpose- Ms Statistics

Growing up, I was fond of numbers and how it had the ability to convey a lot of information with little illustrations. I have primarily been motivated by finding patterns and relationships underlying concrete phenomena, and an urge to know beyond what is evident. These objectives led me to pursue actuarial science at the University of Ghana. I realised my passion for statistics when I performed exceptionally in my undergraduate study. I enjoyed finding the hidden information and patterns behind a large amount of data and it is always exciting to see the results come out after a long period of research design, data collection and model set-up.

Through my undergraduate study, I have seen statistics as a field of science that can overcome various scientific constraints and provide effective results. My fascination with statistics came with the realisation that the applications are almost limitless. The expert application of statistical techniques has the potential to beneficially affect almost every aspect of people's lives and I seek to become an expert practitioner and researcher in this field of study. However, as I work on more data and projects, I start to realise the limitations of my current statistics knowledge and data analysis skills to solve the increasingly complex problems today. Therefore, I sharpened my Excel knowledge, learnt R and Python programming in my spare time and I am currently taking an online course about machine learning in order to be better at data analysis. With my knowledge in R programming I was able to analyse larger and more complex data sets for my employers with much ease. I was able to use code to automate and repeat analyses and reproduce results consistently and much faster. This increased productivity at work since we did not have to spend time on computation or finding and fixing errors.

I would like to introduce certain characteristics that reflect my personality. To help push oneself and maintain some original thoughts, I like to try challenges before contacting others. Secondly, I enjoy teaching since it allows me to enhance my communication abilities while also allowing me to gain new knowledge. Working at prudential life insurance has made me more resilient, self-motivated, and equipped me with strong presenting, networking, and communication skills.

Although I am confident that I can learn data analytical tools well on my own, I believe it is important to learn statistics at a higher level systematically and that is why I think pursuing a higher degree in statistics is necessary. Only when I have a solid understanding of the statistical ideas behind the methodologies can I be more adaptive and effective in facing new challenges. The Ms Degree in Statistics at the University of Miami will provide me with a platform to realise my goals and enhance my statistical skill set. Your program offers rigorous coursework and provides a wide range of research and training opportunities. I would be able to work with leading scholars and academics having a wide range of interests and perform real-world data analysis and research. The department provides its students with a strong grounding in statistical techniques used for practical analysis of data. I am inspired by the vastness of research the professors in the department undertake and want to be a part of such an environment.

Upon obtaining my master's degree, I will want to go to work, and expand on my research area and achievements in the program. In the long term, as a statistician, I want to use my knowledge to help organisations and cities become more prepared and effective in response to shocks and challenges, whether they are physical, social, or economic. I intend to work professionally in my country's federal government and aid the government in various development works through data analysis based on advanced statistical methodologies and algorithms learned during the Ms Program.

With a multicultural environment and vibrant outlook, I feel that University of Miami will be an ideal environment for me to pursue a master's degree. To conclude, with my strong mathematics background and passion for statistical research, I believe I am ready to pursue a graduate degree in statistics. I am confident to live up to the graduate courses and research work in your excellent department. I look forward to contributing my quota to further advance and enrich your already robust statistics program and your prestigious institution.

Thank you.
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Jan 17, 2022   #2
Growing up, I was fond of numbers and how it had the ability to convey a lot of information with little illustrations.

Remove this reference as you are not applying for admission to college. You are applying for admission to a masters degree course. The underlying reasons should no longer have anything to do with your childhood interests. You may omit this whole paragraph and begin with the more professional reference in the second paragraph instead. Just merge the information about where and what course you took as an undergraduate.

I would like to introduce certain characteristics that reflect my personality.

This reference is irrelevant to a statement of purpose but relevant to a personal statement. Delete the full paragraph. It is not applicable to the nature of the essay.

The full essay lacks a reference to your professional preparation for this course. What is your professional background? How does it lend to the purpose of your studies? The career goals are not clear as to whether you plan to return to your home country to apply your learning within your field either as a newly trained person or, as a person seeking a promotion at the job. The later part of the essay sounds more like you intend to stay in the United States to work. Which is not what your other purpose should be.
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Jan 17, 2022   #3
I just completed by undergraduate studies and currently working as a graduate trainee so I don't have more than 1 year work experience.

I would like to go back to my home country maybe after 3 to 5 years after the master's studies.

The schools I'm applying to only require SOP and not both SOP and personal statement, should I still remove the paragraph on my soft skills?

Thank you for the help.