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Introduction for an essay on Jane Eyre and The Box Garden by Carol Shields

Rachel 3 / 1  
Nov 18, 2007   #1
Trying to come up with a hook and introduction for an essay on Jane Eyre and The Box Garden by Carol Shields. My topic is the rift between essential identity and superficial identity.

Social psychologists have demonstrated that it only takes 10 to 15 seconds of interaction with a stranger before they form an opinion of you. It is very difficult to overcome these first impressions, especially if they are reinforced social convention or based on early childhood experiences. These prejudices and preconceived notions often form a division between one's true self and how one is perceived.

I was told this is too psychoanalytical, I need some help to tweek it so its more literary I guess.

EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Nov 19, 2007   #2

While that's a very well-written introduction, I can see your teacher's point: it is very psychologically-oriented. Think about how what you have said relates to the characters in Jane Eyre and The Box Garden. What social conventions affected the impression Jane made on people? How did she cover her essential identity? Remember that modern psychology had not yet been invented when Bronte was writing, so her works were created without the benefit of our present understanding of "identity" and "self."

I haven't read Shields' work, so I can't be specific about that one, but I do think that if you keep these things in mind when writing, and try to work a mention of the main characters into your first or second sentence, you'll accomplish what you are trying to do, particularly in relating Jane Eyre's childhood experiences and social position to your premise.

I hope this helps!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

Home / Grammar, Usage / Introduction for an essay on Jane Eyre and The Box Garden by Carol Shields
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