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Nov 19, 2017
Writing Feedback / Today young people are better able to make decisions about their own lives? [5]

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the past, young people depended too much on their parents to make decisions for them; today young people are better able to make decisions about their own lives.

independent youngsters today

The evolution of the world is quite rapidly, and the structure of society and lifestyle also change gradually, becoming more complex and more options. In the ancient Chinese society, it really limited to develop and follow own mind due to traditional custom. Therefore, in my opinion, I firmly agree with this statement that young people become more independent and can do decisions by themselves.

To begin with, there are many different kinds of opportunities can young people choose. In modern, because of a prosperous life, more and more needed from people has emerged, as a result, others will provide services what they want. For instance, social media is common now, everybody can show themselves and ideas to the public through this way, also, people are attracted by that information. Youtuber which is a new type job is a good example, many people as youtuber can earn money to survive. In contrast, young people didn't have too much option to choose their work in past time, what they could do just being the officer or taking over the family business, so they always relied on their parents to provide money to study or work. But today there are various selections of work, so young people have the ability to choose what they want to do.

Secondly, it is free to develop relationships between man and women. Women can meet others with no obstacle from her parents, and men also can marry the girl who he loved. Moreover, through social media, such as Facebook, Skype, and dating apps, people can meet different people from foreign countries. The means widen the range of making friends, also have more possibility to develop the relationship. On the other hand, young people in early Chinese society, they all had to listen to parents, who help them to decide who they can marry. Because there were many rules and old concepts which needed to be obeyed at that time. Thus, people now can choose their wife or husband by themselves, it is better for them to have own life, rather than depend on the family and lost values of self.

Irrefutably, some people may say that today young people who have too much liberty decide what they want, it causes the society become competitive and the strait between elder and next generation. However, if young people can have a chance to determine their life, it means that they can take care of themselves. They can create any possibility as well, to make the society advance in the future.

In short, due to many limitations in past time, most of the young people have to comply with parents, instead of having a chance to plan their life. Conversely, they are freer in the modern times, many advantages for them to arrange life, no matter to organize their family or work in a suitable position.