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Jan 11, 2018
Writing Feedback / The preparation of food have become easiest task with modern innovative domestic appliances [5]

Nowdays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?

beneficial food producing innovatives

Today, advancement in household technology has dramatically changed the lifestyle of people and particularly, the preparation of food have become easiest task with modern innovative domestic appliances. Though this advancement has led the life of people on comfortable path, but the increasing disadvantages regarding techniques cannot be ignored.

To consider, the innovative resources of making food are beneficial because they help people to save plenty of time for other important works and the shortage of time is the prevailing problem among community and as a result people give prominence to their relaxation and comfortness. Moreover, the new food-making sources are fast, and hygenic to use as compare to an earlier times where a single dish took huge quantity of fossil fuels for cooking. This view can be better explain with an example, as in primitive times, people mobilized natural sources of fire such as trees, dry cow-dung for the preparation of chapaaties and vagetables which usually contained 5 to 6 hours of a day but now with the advantage of microwave, oven a meal can be get ready within less than 5 minutes.

All inventions do not bring positive outcomes everytimes because every good thing has some flaws and these types of advanced way of making meal is affecting on health beacause these appliances cook half baked dishes which directly impact on the circulation of body system. Furthermore, the overdependence on these electrones make people bleak and vulnearable to serious stomach problems and The reason is that, this food lack sufficient nutrients which are helpful to make peole heathy and active. For instance, in a recent survey, as the poluarity of domestic food preparation is increasing likewise heart diseases, obesity, cancer are peaking swiftly.

To elucidate, though modern food-making sources have extreme utilization among public but this usage can be controlled with eco-frindy and healthy apoliances for preparation of food because excess of everything is bad so overdepence and shortcut systems always result in adverse situations.